Dr. Curry Leavitt, a native of Las Vegas, is a periodontist specializing in the treatment of gum diseases and cosmetic procedures, giving patients results that make them smile. His practice, Red Rock Periodontics, and Implantology takes pride in the way they treat patients—as if the patient was a guest in their home—and in their results. “I especially love the precision and detail involved in this challenging field,” says Leavitt. 

Red Rock Periodontics and Implantology combines high-end patient service with the newest techniques and most advanced technology to create an unparalleled patient experience. In an effort to reach as many patients as possible, they are providers for a number of dental insurances.

Our staff has extensive training in maximizing benefits and reaching financial goals. We really aim to make the entire patient experience—from the time they walk in the door until they complete treatment—enjoyable and painless,” says Leavitt. 

Dr. Curry Leavitt

During his career, Leavitt has had many rewarding experiences, with one, in particular, standing out. It was the opportunity to help a throat cancer patient who had undergone intense radiation, causing the loss of all of her teeth.

In a matter of months, she received 11 implants that resulted in a permanent, beautiful smile. In the meantime, we’ve become great friends; I attended her wedding and was grateful to be a part of that new beginning,” says Leavitt. “Really, it’s about seeing the transformation all my patients go through, both on the inside and outside, as they improve their overall systemic health and self-image. That is the most gratifying part of my job.” 

When it comes to a patient’s smile and dental health, how the procedures are done becomes very important. At Red Rock Periodontics and Implantology, they are at the forefront of techniques and technology, giving patients less invasive procedures, shorter healing times, and long-term success.

I have completed extensive research utilizing CT scanning technology for the advancement of dental implant planning. In 10 minutes we can know, without a doubt, if you are a candidate for replacing missing teeth with dental implants and the procedures you will need.” 

Outside of the office, Dr. Leavitt is the proud father of three young daughters, which he describes as keeping “the days filled with activity and estrogen.” He also enjoys supporting his talented wife, who is a successful author of young-adult novels. Leavitt stays active in the outdoors and enjoys cycling, rock climbing, exercising, and camping. “And I watch The Bachelor. There, I said it, but that’s only because my wife insists. Besides, the contestants have great teeth,” he concludes.

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