By Laura Coronado

Bold or subtle; thick or skinny; horizontal, vertical or even zigzag in pattern, this season’s most popular trend has everyone walking the line for stripes.

Of course, stripes are nothing new to fashion. But what is new about this spring’s stripe is that anything goes. Colors, sizes and even the way the pattern is fashioned vary from designer to designer and retailer to retailer.

However, there are three very distinct styles of stripes to experiment with this spring: nautical, retro and multi-directional. Are you interested in earning your stripes? Well get in line, and read more to find the right stripe for you.

If you’re just now allowing yourself to embrace this playful pattern, you may want to start with the tried and true nautical look. Not just for sailors, nautical stripes add a fresh crispness to any woman’s spring look. Classic nautical stripes are horizontal and normally come in navy, ocean blue and red. But if you’re ready to kick it up a notch, mix in some tiny polka dots to set yourself apart.

Marc Jacobs created a big buzz on the runway with his mod presentation of spring stripes. Bold and striking, the designer’s stripes set a retro tone for the season. So for those fashion lovers with an admiration of the swinging 60s and London Modernism, there’s a spring stripe for them. But one shouldn’t be so quick to resign to the obvious thick black and white stripes. Instead, experiment with a stripe in a retro silhouette, such as an A-line dress or peaked cap.

Designed with a painterly twist in Christian Louboutin’s spring collection, a multi-directional stripe is the one and only statement an outfit needs. When sporting the look, keep the accessories to a minimum. Multi-directional stripes don’t play well with other statement pieces. Wildly hypnotic with fashion-forward sex appeal, multi-directional stripes make an interesting, non-conformist statement without coming off silly or obnoxious.