7 Tips For Taking Care Of Your Leather Western Boots

If you have recently bought, or are planning to buy, a pair of leather western boots, we are sure you want them to last as long as possible. For that to happen, you must care for them appropriately. We say appropriately because many people try to care for their leather western boots, but use the wrong methods and thus do more harm than good.

Presumably, you do not want that to be the case for you and would prefer to use the correct ways. To help you do so, we have put together seven awesome tips which will help you care for your leather western boots in the best ways possible.

Western Boots Care Tip #1 – Clean Off Surface Dirt With A Soft Brush

If you have been outside and when you get home you see there is dirt and mud on your western boots, do not ignore this. All it takes is a few seconds to wipe away the dirt or mud with a brush. You must use only a soft-bristled brush to avoid scratching the surface of your western boots.

Western Boots Care Tip #2 – Use A Damp Sponge To Remove Marks

For marks that may have dried in and not easily removed by the brush, you can use a damp sponge to remove them. Do not use detergents on the sponge, just use warm water. After wiping your boots, or on any occasion they are wet, you must dry them off using a towel to avoid watermarks on the leather.

Western Boots Care Tip #3 – Waterproof Your Western Boots

The best way to avoid watermarks or water damage on leather western boots is to waterproof them. The most effective way is to sit them on newspaper outside and then spray them with a silicone-based water repellent labelled for use with leather. Let them dry for 30 minutes, and repeat.

Western Boots Care Tip #4 – Condition Your Western Boots

One of the key ways you can care for your western boots is to condition them. Ensuring the boots are clean and free of dirt, apply a leather conditioner to the entire surface area, and massage it in gently. You should repeat this every three months for maximum effect.

Western Boots Care Tip #5 – Polish Your Western Boots

Polishing leather western boots should only be done if they already have a decent finish on them. Polishing will hide small scratches and marks and is a great way to have your western boots retain a shiny finish and look their best. Polishing should be done at least once a week, and more often if you prefer.

Western Boots Care Tip #6 – Store Your Western Boots Properly

As with anything you want to keep looking great, storing your western boots properly will help achieve that. When stored, your western boots should be stood upright rather than on their sides. A boot tree made from cedar wood is the perfect solution and will help boots keep their shape.

Western Boots Care Tip #7 – Entrust Repairs Only To Experts

It is almost certain that in time your western boots might incur some wear or damage and require repairs ranging from restitching to resoling. Make sure repairs are done as soon as they are needed and only entrust repairs of your leather western boots to a skilled and experienced leather boot repairs specialist.