How To Create A Wellbeing Corner In Your Landscaping Design

You can include multiple features in a landscaping design, and many of them will depend on what you want to achieve within your garden. You might want it to be a kaleidoscope of colours. Or you might wish to grow lots of natural foods. You could prefer to have lots of manmade features such as walkways and patios. Or it may be the case that you want a garden with as little maintenance required as possible.

At your first consultation meeting with PrincipalLandscapes, these options and many others can be discussed along with your preferences for your garden. If you are someone who wants to have a quiet spot within their garden where they can relax, do yoga, or meditate, for example, that will require what is commonly known as a well-being corner to be included within the landscaping design.

Let us first point out that it need not necessarily be in the corner of the garden so the reference to “corner” is merely a turn of phrase. What is not in doubt is the fact that this spot is to enhance the well-being of those who use it, so let us look at some ideas as to what needs to be included.

Planning: To ensure your well-being corner is exactly how you want it, you need to plan it first. Decisions will be influenced by who it is for because if it is just for your use the plans may be completely different than if it is for anyone to use. Think of its ideal location, how you wish to construct it, and what you are going to include within it as part of your planning process.

Location: Realistically, you can position your well-being corner anywhere in your garden but some locations may prove to be better than others. You want it located in a quieter part of your garden and where there is likely to be no interruptions. You may also wish it to be situated in the shade so that you do not become too hot on sunny days.

Keep It Simple: One way that your wellbeing corner might be the opposite is if you make it too complicated and thus require a lot of maintenance. The idea of it is to be a place to relax which is hardly likely if whenever you are there you look around and see a lot of work is necessary to keep your wellbeing corner looking as it should.

Fragrances: One of a landscaped garden’s best traits is its array of wonderful fragrances so you must think about what fragrances you want for your wellbeing corner. Those known to have calming effects include lavender, jasmine, lemon, and mint.

Colour: Unless lots of bright colours have a positive effect on you, we would suggest that you pick colours known to be conducive to relaxation. These are blues and greens which are the ones most closely associated with nature. Alternatively, pastel colours such as soft and pale purples, pinks and blues are also ideal for wellbeing corners.

Water: The final feature we would urge you to consider for your wellbeing corner is water. Water is associated with life and the sounds as it flows can be extremely soothing. Examples include a small fountain, a stream, or if space and budget allow, have a water wall adjacent to your wellbeing corner.