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10 Basics Of Grooming Your Dog

10 Basics Of Grooming Your Dog

There are several reasons why you might groom your dog yourself rather than using a professional dog grooming service. According to professional dog associations, like the National Cavoodle Association of Australia, it could be that your budget does not currently stretch to professional dog grooming fees. It could also be you have taken your dog to a grooming parlour before, and your dog went frantic. It could also be that by practising, you have learned some dog grooming skills, and you enjoy grooming your dog.

Whatever the reason why you choose to groom your dog yourself, it is also important that you have a full understanding of the dog grooming basics, so we have outlined ten of those core basics below.

#1 – Preparation

Unless you want your grooming session to be shambolic, you should prepare well. For example, schedule it for when there will not be many interruptions, take your dog for a walk beforehand to burn off their energy, and ensure you have everything you need at hand.

#2 – Correct Tools And Supplies

The second core principle of dog grooming at home is having all the correct tools and equipment. These will include combs, scissors, shampoo, towels, and even some treats to encourage your dog to sit still whilst you are grooming them.

#3 – Brushing Their Coat

In truth, brushing your dog’s coat should not be something that only happens on the occasions you are grooming them. To remain healthy, a dog’s coat should be brushed every day, especially if they are a long-haired dog. Regular brushing will help detangle their fur, prevent matting, and keep their coat shiny.

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