Laser Eye Surgery

What to Do After Getting Laser Eye Surgery

What to Do After Getting Laser Eye Surgery

One of the most daunting parts of any surgery is the recovery process. You know the procedure is reasonably straightforward, but you’re worried about how you will respond after the surgery. Suppose you are weighing the pros and cons of laser eye surgery. In that case, the following information about what to expect after the procedure may be worth reading.

What to Do on The Day of Your Surgery

Your laser eye surgery will be over and done before you know it, especially if you have an experienced eye specialist from the Insight Eye Clinic to guide you through every step. Once the procedure is over, it’s essential to follow their advice to give your eyes a chance to begin healing.

Have someone bring you to and from your appointment, as you cannot drive immediately after your surgery. You must also keep your eyes well-lubricated throughout the day with provided eye drops and avoid reading, watching TV, or using a computer.

Your eye specialist will also recommend not staring without lubricating your eyes, avoiding alcohol, and not showering after the surgery.

Within A Day Of Your Surgery

While your actions may have been restricted immediately after your surgery, you certainly have more freedom the day after. You may shower, but avoid getting soap or water near or in your eyes.

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