7 Questions You Must Ask Before Choosing A Dog Day Care Centre

One of the best ways to assess any product or service is to ask those selling or providing them questions, and that applies equally when the service you are considering is dog day care. As a dog owner who cares deeply for their dog, no doubt you will be keen to find a dog day care that is friendly, has your dog’s best interests at heart, and can provide them with plenty of opportunities to socialise with other dogs, have fun, and get lots of exercise.

There are not an insignificant number of boxes that any potential dog day care centre has to tick before you decide your dog is going to attend, and rightly so. Choosing dog day care should not be done on a whim and without proper research. So, to help you narrow down any options for dog day care centres you have, and to discover more about any you may pinpoint as the one you will choose, here are seven key questions which you should ask each of them.

What training/qualifications do the staff have?

You want to be assured that people caring for your dog each day know what they are doing so this is why you want to know what qualifications and experience staff have. Most dog day care centres are happy to tell you,  and indeed many openly advertise this information as it is a strong selling point.

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