5 Exercise Activities That Can Be Done During Pregnancy

5 Exercise Activities That Can Be Done During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time in a person’s life when many of their normal activities might take a back seat and that may include a postponement of their exercise and fitness routines. It is often thought that whilst pregnant, women should not be partaking in anything physical in nature, however, that is not the case for most individuals.

An expectant mother may be advised by her doctor to refrain from physical activity due to a medical condition or an enhanced risk to her or her unborn baby’s wellbeing that exists. However, for the majority of pregnant women exercise is not only possible but is encouraged. With this in mind, we thought we should highlight outline some exercise activities that can be done during pregnancy.

However, before we go into the details we must make the disclaimer that before undertaking any exercise, including those that follow, every expectant mother should seek the advice of their doctor to ascertain if there are any medical reasons why they should not. So, do not do any of the following exercise activities until you have been given the green light to do so from the medical professional who is advising you during your pregnancy.


One of the core objectives of Pilates is to improve a person’s posture and balance. These become even more prevalent during pregnancy, especially as your baby grows larger. Pilates can help strengthen your core muscles including your pelvic muscles which can be invaluable during childbirth. Pilates will also help improve your posture as you are walking, something you will be especially grateful for in the latter stages of your pregnancy.

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