Sustainable Landscape Design

How to Create a Sustainable Landscape Design

How to Create a Sustainable Landscape Design

Sustainability has been on many people’s minds in recent years. We want to use less energy and chemicals, and we want to spend less money. This is all possible with a sustainable landscape design.

What does a sustainable landscape design look like, and how can you create one for yourself? Read on to find out.

Understanding the Principles of Sustainable Landscape Design

Before you can create a landscape design that emphasises sustainability, it helps if you know what it is. Sustainability in a landscape design incorporates many things, such as water saving, energy saving, biodiversity, produce growth, and pollution reduction.

You might incorporate all of these factors into your design or simply a few. However, having an awareness of them all can allow you to put more thought into the design process to make sustainability your priority.

Step 1: Measure

For accuracy and precision when purchasing products for landscaping, and the landscape process itself, make sure you measure everything. Draw the shape of your property and its boundaries on a piece of paper and measure along the edges.

Measuring the positioning of plants and trees that you’ll be keeping in place can also help you decide how to work around them and make the most of the space.

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