10 Tough Stains That High Pressure Cleaning Can Remove

There are many reasons someone will hire a professional high pressure cleaning company such as the cleaning can be done quickly, to make an exterior area safer, and because it can transform the exterior appearance of buildings such as residential homes. There is a further reason that high pressure cleaning may be required and that is it will be the only cleaning method that gets rid of certain tough stains.

Cleaning methods other than high pressure cleaning might all have their benefits, however, what few of them provide is the high pressure jets of water that blast away stubborn and tough stains that no amount of scrubbing will remove. As for the specific tough stains that high pressure cleaning can remove, read on and you will discover them.

Tough Stain #1 – Chewing Gum: Chewing gum that has dried and hardened can be a nightmare to remove and if done the wrong way on painted surfaces can remove the paint too which is why high pressure cleaning is the quickest and easiest way to remove chewing gum.

Tough Stain #2 – Graffiti: Whether created by some local reprobate or your own young children who might think it is fun to crayon, paint or use permanent markers on the exterior of your home and are unaware of the consequences, you want unsightly graffiti removed quickly.

Tough Stain #3 – Bird Faeces: Birds need to poop somewhere, but unfortunately that is often your home’s exterior. Given the acid that exists within bird faeces and the damage it can cause, high pressure water is the best way to remove them, especially if dried in.

Tough Stain #4 – Efflorescence: These are salt deposits that can appear as white powder on porous materials such as tiles. If not removed promptly, efflorescence can create staining that looks bad, and in the worst cases, can damage tiles.

Tough Stain #5 – Oil & Grease: Often caused by oil leaks from engines, or when someone is working on their car in the driveway. Regardless of how they happen, oil and grease stains are not only unsightly, but they can also create a slip hazard so quick removal is needed.

Tough Stain #6 – Rust: On exteriors where metals have been used, such as railings or gates, rust can occur. It is necessary to remove this first before recoating the affected area, otherwise, it quickly returns.

Tough Stain #7 – Lime & Calcium Deposits: Properties that have water features are the ones most susceptible to lime and calcium deposits. This is especially so in areas with hard water which has higher mineral content.

Tough Stain #8 – Paint: Often due to an open tin being dropped or knocked over accidentally, paint stains are notoriously difficult to remove. However, that is not the case with high pressure cleaning which can eradicate paint stains with ease.

Tough Stain #9 – Mildew & Mould: Almost every home in every area is a target for mildew and mould which will grow unhindered if not removed. This is essential for those with asthma or allergies which can be triggered or worsened by mildew and mould.

Tough Stain #10 – Decking Stains: Decking is a hugely popular way of creating ground-level surfaces and walkways, but it can attract stains as it is used. This is a particular problem for wooden decking, but thanks to high pressure cleaning being able to remove stains, they can be restored to looking as new.