By Matt Henderson

The Thought

A greenside chip should be one of the most automatic shots in your short game arsenal, especially if the situation calls for a low-running shot that bounces on to the green and rolls out like a putt. It’s important to create a little body motion on chip shots.

The Mechanics

Set up with a narrow stance and the ball off the back toe (pictured), with the weight favoring the forward foot. Keep the rhythm smooth by always moving weight toward the target during the forward motion. Keeping the left wrist flat through the impact condition, this is key to producing the ball control that you desire.

The Secret

Sternum position relative to the golf ball is extremely important. The slight forward lean should be done with the chest, effectively making the sternum closer to the target.

The Result

This setup should promote a low running trajectory with minimal spin. On low running chip shots like these, the club never passes the ball or hits it hard enough to make it slide up the face, so they won’t have much spin. The resultant ball flight should carry 1/3 and roll 2/3.

Matt Henderson
Matt Henderson is currently the head instructor at TOUR Academy TPC Las Vegas, voted No. 2 Nevada by Golf Digest. Henderson enjoys teaching golfers of all levels.