By McKenzie Chambers

Just like any other type of marketing, social media has evolved into something much more defined than it was even five years ago. Social media appeared so quickly and has recently taken business marketing to a new level. From branding to increasing search engine rankings, to lowering conventional marketing costs, social media marketing is changing both small and large businesses in an easy and fast-paced way. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube and other social networking platforms out there are being prioritized daily, especially when talking about Google Algorithm. Here are a few tips for creating effective social media sites and Internet marketing.

Making a social media marketing plan will keep you creatively working and moving forward. Understanding what you are trying to achieve from your social media pages and content will help you understand the direction of your marketing. Simply … plan before you begin.

Creating a calendar can help you stay organized and work your plan. Making a social media content schedule is extremely important. You can gauge to see exactly what media content works best for you. This is almost like a trial and error process that you can easily create monthly or even weekly. Schedule your posts to save a significant amount of time.

When building a brand through social media, people will view your business almost as a single profile/person. They want to relate to what you are posting. Followers want to see some type of consistency with whom they are following. Sticking with a consistent plan and number of posts will also help your social media remain successful. You can still be consistent, but remain creative in the process, with fun posts that still communicate your business without throwing off your target audience. Make sure your content is relevant in the aspect of correlating posts such as holidays, current events, news, upcoming or recent projects.

While blogging is also important for marketing, not everyone has time to read more than a paragraph. Visual aspects are essential and more interesting. Creating a video or photograph with a caption that relates to your business is a huge success on social media. Short clips explaining your business, what you offer, updates, news, testimonials are all successful tools that make your social media more interesting.

Social media is a fun and easy way to feel closer to your clients. By engaging regularly with likes and comments, this can make your clients and targeted audience feel welcomed and involved. When interacting on social media, customers can become more loyal and feel more connected to you. Social media gives you a place where people can relate and put trust in your brand.

Keep in mind that SEO is extremely important in making sure your business is being seen. A significant amount of search engines like Google consider businesses social media presence a determining factor on where they will be ranked on a search page. Think of social media as building a community for your business in a fast, creative and efficient way. Social media and Internet marketing will not only grow your business if done the right way, but it will also grow your brand. Give yourself a stronger online presence with the power of social media.

McKenzie Chambers is part owner, production assistant and social media maven for DK Productions, a full-service production company and award-winning producers of television shows, music videos, films and commercials.