Spring cleaning is an annual tradition to sort through the things you do not need – clothing, accessories, kitchen supplies, children’s toys, jewelry and so much more. Not only does it help to simplify and de-clutter a bit, spring cleaning has been proven to help us relax, de-stress and reprioritize. It should follow that undergoing some professional spring cleaning would be part of the annual ritual. Here are a few ways to get started:

Tackle the filing cabinets: It’s easy to stuff paperwork in folders and filing cabinets and forget about it. But when those filing cabinets get tough to close, it might be time to go through, earmark some files for recycling, and others for long-term storage or an off-site solution.

Audit your contacts list: Scroll through your contacts list, whether it’s on your phone, on Facebook or in a Rolodex (or in that enormous stack of business cards sitting on your desk) and take an honest appraisal of which ones really don’t need to be in there. Going through the exercise may also help you realize which contacts you need to proactively reach out to, and who is overdue for a coffee or a check-in phone call.

Evaluate your service providers: Are you happy with your phone and Internet service, email provider, cleaning crew and other service providers? Many companies offer spring specials for new customers, including many Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce members. Find one today on the Metro Chamber’s member directory at LVChamber.com.

The spring is also a great time to run a survey on customer satisfaction

Peruse your business or personal website or blog: Is your information current? Are your links working properly? Is there new information out there relevant to what you publish? Your website is oftentimes what your customers—and potential customers—will see first, so be sure your information is correct, timely and up-to-date.

Check up on your customers: The spring is also a great time to run a survey on customer satisfaction, analyze your e-newsletter open and click-through rates, and conduct an analysis of how your customers are interacting with you and where your opportunities for engagement are. Utilizing free and low-cost tools in Survey Monkey, Facebook and other platforms can help you conduct market research easily and cost-effectively.

Physically spring clean your professional space: How much dust is collecting on that shelf of awards you’ve earned? Could your supply closet use a good organizing? How many pens are too many promotional pens to keep on hand? Tangibly cleaning your offices can reinvigorate your workspace and give you an energy boost. As an added bonus, inevitably you’ll have the, “THAT’s where I put that!” moment.

Scrub your inbox: This can be harder than it sounds, but emptying out file folders in your email, going through your inbox, and unsubscribing from newsletters that you don’t read will help you prioritize effectively and eliminate back-up.

As spring approaches, let it be a time of professional rejuvenation and renewal, as well as personal. It is, after all, a great time to stop and smell the roses.