By Dr. Tiger Devore

If you caught wind of a recent story about some women’s brains containing traces of male DNA, you may be left wondering if your past is still a part of your present. A falsely reported “new story” insinuated that the DNA of women’s past sexual partners has remained within the woman’s body, thus altering her DNA forever.

Pretty science fiction-y, huh?

Biology is fascinating because of the complex information that most of us simply don’t understand. How is it that we can examine our bodies and find the DNA of someone else stored within? The scientific term is microchimerism: Where we distinctly carry the DNA of someone else in our own body. But how do those islands of cells get there?

One form of research looks at many different studies and comes up with a possibility that women may take on the DNA of their past sexual partners. The article invites you to look at how sperm are designed to burrow into the membrane of the woman and could end up anywhere in the body, creating these islands of cells that are distinct from the woman herself. Imagine that your sexual history is actually stored in your brain.

That is where belief on this topic divides and takes a strange turn.
This research studied the autopsy reports of several women and did find some of this microchimerism. There are several known causes for these cells showing up in the women.

This may happen with women who were once pregnant, and never knew it, as more than half of all pregnancies end spontaneously before the woman even knows she is pregnant. It can also happen if the woman’s mother had a pregnancy with a male prior to the pregnancy that resulted in the female, since there may be cells that survived from the previous pregnancy. There may also have been a male twin that didn’t survive and was absorbed before the woman was born.

Even the conservative scientists will admit that there is a possibility that the male cells could come from male partners, but then point out that since that hasn’t been studied, we can’t claim it as true.

That’s what science always says about this kind of radical thinking, until it becomes science fact.

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