Shkoffing With Nadia G.

Nadia G. (Giosia) is young, funny, and can cook up a storm in three-inch cherry stilettos. Hailed as the “Julia Child of the Net generation,” she is the creator and host of the new Cooking Channel series Bitchin’ Kitchen. Hilarious, informative and deliciously demented, this stylish comedy-cooking show is unlike anything else on TV. Set in a candy-colored kitchen decked out in animal print and leather, Bitchin’ Kitchen looks at the funny side of everyday life situations and turns them into occasions worth celebrating—with great food and big laughs.

An instant hit in Canada, Bitchin’ Kitchen is not your average cooking show. Armed with a crew of misfit food correspondents, a tea towel made of chain mail, fresh organic ingredients and a sharp tongue, Nadia G. whips up the perfect blend of food and humor. In each episode she shares accessible, inspiring recipes to suit nearly any life situation, from breaking up to making up – all peppered with her signature ‘Nadvice.’

Fearlessness, patience, creativity and love are Nadia G.’s secret ingredients and her kitchen code to success! Trained at the culinary institute of Hard Wooden Spoon Whacks, her passion for food and cooking came from growing up in a boisterous Italian family consisting of cooks and caterers who never quite gave up the belief that Casalinga-style cuisine is the centre of the universe. Nadia G. is home-schooled, DIY and proud of it. She says “You don’t have to look far to taste some of the best food the world has to offer. I’d pit my grandmother against a 3-star Michelin chef any day.”

Walk us through a typical day in your stilettos.
Wake up around 10 a.m., make some espresso. Review the day’s web content with my rockin’ community manager Angelique. Make some more espresso. Hang with our community for a bit (on Facebook & Twitter), and respond to comments. Shkoff some lunch, maybe an egg white sandwich with fig jam and caramelized onions, mmm … What was I talking about again? … Oh yea! My routine! I then divide the rest of the day between: concocting new recipe/ theme ideas, interviews, working-out, designing and streamlining merch, working on new projects: comedy songs, blinging-out a pair of heels with crystals, and trying not to shkoff all of the St. Andre cheese in one sitting… Yup, there’s a lot of multi-tasking going on.

Shkoff (shh-cough)
To pig out and eat whole-heartedly.
Illustrative Example:
Fun fact: Nadia G can shkoff like a 220-pound man (she can also beat him at sit-ups.)

If you could destroy any grade-school photo of yourself, what would it be and why?
In grade five I was crazy about New Kids on the Block. So much in fact, that I decided to express my undying devotion through a Joey-inspired mushroom haircut. And a perm. Yes, a perm. Let’s just say that it wasn’t one of my most Bitchin’ looks.

How do you balance life, work and success? What do you do to unwind and relax?

I try and work out one hour per day; it clears my head (except when my programmer inevitably calls me during a set of sit-ups. Why Luke? WHY?!) I also love getting dressed-up and painting the town hot pink with my girl friends. I gotta say that cooking really helps me unwind as well, even though I cook for a living. Slicing up all the ingredients makes me feel “in the moment.” Granted, using a really sharp chef’s knife will do that to you.

So what is like to really work with Panos and Hans? Do they ever try to spend a day walking in your stilettos?
I once caught the Spice Agent trying to walk in my stilettos … It was awkward. As for Panos and Hans, they’re a blast to work with! Panos is hilarious, and Hans is a real sweetheart. The makeup artist loves working with Hans as greasing-up his upper-chest is her job ;).

What inspires your “word of the day” and what is your favorite word to use?
Word of the Day is a lot of fun. You get to learn some Italian slang while having a laugh, total edu-tainment. One of my favorite words is: “Tsaketa!” You can use it to punctuate any sentence, “I don’t believe Jimmy’s sister is adopted because they have the exact same moustache. Tsaketa!” or “Let’s get cooking, Tsaketa!” The community loves it so much that we designed a new Tsaketa T-shirt, hehe.

Tsaketa! (tsack-et-tah)
Nadia G’s take on the obligatory TV chef catch-phrase.
Illustrative Example:
“Now that we’ve got all our ingredients lines up, Tsaketa! Let’s get cooking.

Tell us about your favorite cooking-inspired tattoo?
I gotta say … most of my tattoos have been inspired by drinking. HA!

If we picked up your phone or iPod, what is on some of your playlists?
The Kills, Guns and Roses, The Libertines, La Roux, Joan Jett, Rancid, Bikini Kill, Hole, The Dirtbombs, L7. NOFX …

If you were grocery shopping alone, what would be your stick-it-in-the-cart-when-no one-is-looking food?
Toblerone, Muncho chips, and sweet gherkins. I love getting punched in the taste buds with this intense sweet, salty and sour combo. So dirty, soooo good.

Have you ever purchased any “As Seen on TV” items? If so, what was the product and your thoughts on it? If not, what would you buy?
About two years ago I went through a dark “When-is-this-freakin-TV-show-gonna-get-greenlit” phase where I’d stay up real late watching infomercials in a stressed-out stupor. Good times. One night I decided to “grab life by the bra strap” and order P90X. Being competitive, I went all Chuck Norris on that workout the minute I received the DVDs … despite the fact that the only previous exercise I’d done in years was typing. I almost died. I couldn’t even raise my arms to tie up my hair for a week after that sweaty fiasco.

Who is the person you are most often told you look like?
At one point people were saying I looked like some Disney star’s older sister or something. One drunken man once said Julia Roberts. I dunno, I’ll stick with “my parents” … hehe.


  1. Great interview, doll… glad to hear ur phase of info-ordering is over (Yikes!) Chuck Norris is *sick*!! Take care. Oh, and tzaketa!!

  2. Trouble is, I don’t get to play a lot at the moment because I’ve just signed a contract where I’ve got to do 200 shows a year in pubs, so the golf’s fallen away a bit.