Name: Dr. James Mock
Occupation: Cardiologist

James MockDr. James Mock is a cardiologist at Westside Cardiology. He has always had an interest in science and was inspired by a family friend, who served as a general surgeon in World War II, to pursue medicine. It was his fascination of the human body that led him to cardiology.

“I am now inspired by the fact that impacting cardiovascular health can slow death rates associated with the No. 1 killer of Americans,” he says. “I know with aggressive treatment of risk factors associated with heart disease, it really is possible to impact the future health of large numbers of people,” says Mock.

At Westside Cardiology, Mock takes advantage of his young, vital and motivated staff to provide outstanding care to their patients and extend themselves for the practice.

He also takes pride in being able to shape the future of his field. “My opportunity to teach and interact with students through my office, including future physicians, medical assistants, nursing students and physician assistant students, has also been very rewarding since these individuals represent the future of healthcare in this country.”

With technology always moving forward, Mock stays on the cutting edge of advancements and is delighted in their ability to help patients. “I think the most impactful are those that are associated with decreasing the risk associated with various disease processes and can range from new therapies for blood pressure and cholesterol treatment, to new therapies that decrease stroke rates in patients with a common heart rhythm problem.

“Cardiovascular medicine is constantly evolving with new understandings of disease processes and therapies, making it an extremely exciting field to be associated with.”

One of the most frequent things that Mock hears when people learn he is a doctor are questions about the ever-changing field of medicine and the unknown about its future. He is happy to share his thoughts with all. “My advice is to avoid preoccupation about something that we have little control over, and to ensure all that my office and staff will continue to provide excellent care to our patients, regardless of the future challenges within the healthcare system,” he says.

Outside of work, Mock lives his life in Las Vegas to the fullest, discovering all of the exciting things this city offers. “Recently I’ve taken advantage of a variety of opportunities including seeing Cirque du Soleil and The Pointer Sisters here in Vegas. I love dining, traveling and sports.   I’m a Packer fan, but travel to San Diego to watch the Chargers because I enjoy the NFL. Recently I’ve been known to sing karaoke at my favorite sushi restaurant,” he says. 

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