Name: Dr. Michael S. Mall
Occupation: Nonsurgical Laser Skin Rejuvenation

New Image Advanced Laser Skin center is a non-surgical cosmetic laser center focusing on providing women with the latest beauty treatments and advancements to give them the results they desire. We sat down with Dr. Michael Mall to give us better understand what some of those treatments are and how they work.

How has the advancements in laser treatments helped your patients?
Expanding into anti-aging medicine in 2005 brought laser treatments into my practice at the request of my patients. Many patients feel young on the inside while looking old on the outside. Matching how people look with how they feel increases self-confidence and sense of well being.

Are there any areas you can’t treat with lasers?
New Image provides head to toe laser treatments for near1y every body part, literally. Instead of a surgery facelift, laser treatments actually make the skin more youthful and biologically younger. Ugly toenail fungus can be eradicated with one to two painless laser treatments to the toenails. 

What is the downtime or recovery period for laser treatment?
Most may think of red, burning laser beams when talking of laser treatments. However, most laser treatments involve no redness or downtime. When utilizing infrared, radio frequency, lasers, it may take multiple treatments to optimize results. It is most effective when multiple lasers are combined to target different layers of the skin. 

How has technology evolved your practice?
Laser technology has truly evolved into the 21st century. New Image is able to set the biological age of your skin back 10 to 15 years to a younger, more elastic smoother skin using combination laser treatments. 

What type of results can patients expect?
Most people come for laser treatments to feel better about themselves. I have always been a results driven physician, whether it is lasers or reaching specific disease target goals. I have worked with laser companies, as well as other laser physicians, to develop protocols for maximizing energy delivery and optimizing results without sacrificing patient safety. Utilizing Cutera’s 1064 Yag, Pearl Fractional, IPL and Titan treatments, I can tighten loose skin and resurface the skin with minimal down time for a better than facelift look. With Alma’s AccentXL laser I can shrink fat while tightening the skin anywhere on the body safely without surgery. Given the quality of those two lasers, we can create a custom treatment package for any treatment in multiple budget ranges. 

What if a patient isn’t sure if these treatments are for them?
We offer free consultations, and everyone is a candidate. Injectable fillers, like Juvederm and Botox, are the perfect compliments for any laser treatment. 

New Image Advanced Laser Skin Center offers patients the latest in beauty treatments including celebrity-endorsed oxygen facial, Intraceuticals (; Botox to temporarily reduce fine lines and wrinkle; Juvederm fillers, plump up your lips or smile lines and receive instant gratification, voted No. 1 hyaluronic filler of choice in a study for women over 40; and Latisse, the only FDA-approved eyelash enhancer to grow your own hair follicles longer, thicker and darker.  

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