Click to Tweet: Just in time for summer! Waxing and facial services are now available @SumitaBeautyLV !

Sumita Beauty, the studio known for Eastern Beauty tradition, is now offering The Art of Waxing and The Art of Skin Care just in time for summer.  These new services will add to an already extensive list of beauty treatments available at Sumita Beauty, including The Art of Threading® and The Art of Mehndi®.

“We are the leaders in The Art of Threading® and have a deep understanding of hair removal,” said Sumita Batra, CEO of Sumita Beauty.  “We have been offering waxing services in our California studios and with the addition of The Art of Waxing in Las Vegas we now offer an all body hair removal solution to our customers at Fashion Show Mall.”

Prices for waxing range from $15 and up and include arms, legs, bikini, Brazilian and more.  Sumita Beauty is also offering free under arm waxing to new customers with the purchase of a bikini or Brazilian wax.

Sumita Beauty facials contain pure botanical extracts and special elixirs similar to those found in Sumita Beauty’s skin care line and range from $60 and up.

“Our skincare products are specially crafted to work with all types of skin and customers will find that our facials are constructed to do exactly the same,” added Sumita Batra.  “Sumita Beauty facials balance, hydrate, purify as well as protect the skin and will address common skin issues including dry, parched, blemished, break-out prone and combination skin.”