Tammy Shaw, Las Vegas Woman’s publisher, takes to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway to race a Lamborghini Gallardo 550. You can do this too! Driving Experience racing packages offered by Exotics Racing.

A big shout out to Karim Hussain, the most awesome Business Development manager, and Michele Archer-Madole, PR extraordinaire! Exotics Racing and Las Vegas Woman are planing a great event for our readers! We will keep you posted!

Meanwhile, check out the photos from Tammy’s day at the track!

Photos by Joe Durkin of phojophoto.com


  1. I love it! I met Tammy couple weeks ago at my work and since than I am very motivated about everything she’s done a woman that has a great personality and I could see she’s has a big heart too,

    love you tammy …
    Karla R.

    • Thank you Karla! I hope you are doing amazing! Keep living your dreams, one forward step at a time! Hope to see you soon!

      Love you too!