Jennifer’s Black Book by Jennifer Florendo

Around mid-January, when the temperatures hit 70—or close to 70—degrees, spring fever hit me hard. Yes, I still have a few nice sweater dresses that I haven’t worn yet, but I am ready to break out the peep-toe shoes and brightly colored fingernails. Luckily for us, we live in Las Vegas and while spring does come early, there is never a shortage of year-round outdoor activities.

When the clock struck 2012, I decided to make this a year of adventure. And by adventure, I mean more than just shopping at the Patty’s Closet across town or opting for a gel manicure (see Diane at Destination Manhattan, she is amazing). Instead I created a bucket list of fun things in Vegas that I haven’t done but want to do. Las Vegas has an incredible amount of activities, both indoor and outdoor.

While I started on my list late last year, spring is the perfect time to take yourself on and try a new adventure. So far, I accomplished driving a dune buggy through the desert and zip lining through a canyon. When it came time to try the Bootleg Canyon Flightlines (the same company runs the Fremont Street Flighliinez), I was determined not to be scared; to just do it. I did and it was so much fun. It was liberating to let go of fear and to place my trust in the guides, who also happened to be complete strangers.

Check out these websites to learn more about the adventures:

If you aren’t into extreme or physical adventure, there are other ways to take yourself on this year. Maybe it is a new hobby or class that you wanted to take up or take on some personal growth. Whatever you fancy, there is something for everyone.

Next up for me? Rappelling and maybe another trip down Bootleg Canyon for the full moon tour. Have I mentioned I am afraid of the dark?