Dr. Alain Coppel, owner of Nevada Comprehensive Pain Center, has incorporated his degrees in chemical engineering and medicine with his love for science and medical training to provide care with compassion for those in pain and help them alleviate their suffering.

“I enjoy knowing I have the ability to change lives or create a better quality of life for those who may be suffering from pain,” said Dr. Coppel, “The most gratifying part of my line of work is when we help patients achieve a tolerable or livable level of pain. Even better, many reach the point they no longer need pain management. That is true success.”

According to Dr. Coppel, it is imperative to be proactive in continual education on the newest and most advanced procedures, techniques and treatments for pain. Nevada Comprehensive Pain Center is having phenomenal success with Neurostimulators and neurostimulation procedures.

Neurostimulation is a process that provides pain relief by blocking the pain messages before they reach the brain. The neurostimulator sends out mild electrical impulses that reach the brain faster than the pain signal can arrive. In other words, it outsmarts the pain.

The end result is that patients’ pain levels are dramatically reduced. The benefits include lowering medication levels, and in some circumstances, elimination of pain medication, providing patients with a better quality of life.

Nevada Comprehensive Pain Center is the only center in Las Vegas to incorporate state of the art injection procedures as well. Direct Ultrasound and Fluoroscopic Image guidance greatly increases the efficiency and safety of each procedure performed. The key benefits of these procedures are patients experience reduced pain levels and significantly shorter down time.

Dr. Coppel advises, “There are many other options for the treatment of pain than just medication. Far too often we see patients whose primary care physicians have not addressed the source of pain and continue to prescribe medication, many times to the point of addiction.

Unfortunately for the patient, the physician then no longer feels comfortable prescribing pain medication and refers the patient to a pain management doctor. We then have to undo the damage done, getting the patient to the point where we can accurately address the pain and levels of pain. Once achieved, we can move forward in the incorporation of multidisciplinary techniques for their treatment of pain.”

Dr Alain Coppel“My advice to anyone who may suffer from pain is to incorporate a reputable pain management doctor from the beginning of your treatment. We work in a collaborative effort with your attending physician, to provide the patient with a well-rounded, thorough medical treatment plan. The goal is the elimination of all narcotic or prescription medication usage. We are extremely successful, and have experienced great success,” Dr. Coppel said. In his private time, Dr. Coppel spends time with his family and is proud to be part of the solution for dealing with pain in Southern Nevada.

Dr. Alain Coppel – Nevada Comprehensive Pain Center Credentials: MD
Medical Specialty: Certified by the American Board of Medical Specialists in both Pain Management & Anesthesiology
with Critical Care Subspecialties: Interventional Spine and Pain Management Addiction Medicine and independent medical examiner

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