Gard and Dr. Florence Jameson met on the sandy, beautiful beaches of San Diego as teenagers, went off to different colleges and then married with a shared mission to help create a caring community where every person has access to quality medical care.

So far, the couple has attained far more than they ever dreamed possible. Three years ago, Dr. Jameson opened the first Volunteers in Medicine of Southern Nevada facility in Paradise Park, the largest free and charitable medical clinic in Southern Nevada. Last year, the clinic served over 6,000 patient visits, with nearly 800 volunteers serving patients with a culture of caring.

“The realization of my dream would be to see every person, young and old, in Nevada have access to quality medical care,” said Dr. Jameson. As part of its commitment to ensuring that children and families in the valley are healthy and have access to comprehensive healthcare, United Way supports Dr. Jameson and the efforts of VIM.

“United Way is at the heartbeat of our community,” stated Dr. Jameson, “As a partner with United Way, we are able to serve so many more in our community who might not otherwise be cared for. Thank you, United Way!”

Inspired by United Way’s outreach in the community, Dr. Jameson recently became a United Way Women’s Leadership Council member.

“I feel a close camaraderie with members of the WLC, many of whom have been my patients for many years,” Dr. Jameson said. With a distinguished career in medicine, Dr. Jameson recently finished her service as president of the Nevada State Medical Association. Her days are filled with caring for her obstetrics and gynecology patients at her medical office, while during the afternoons and evenings she helps those who need medical services through VIM.

A CPA and former partner and director of financial planning at accounting and business advisory firm Piercy Bowler Taylor & Kerns, Gard Jameson enjoyed serving a variety of clients. In 1998 he made the bold move to a new career teaching Asian Philosophy at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Since that time, he has written two books on philosophy and religion. Gard Jameson also supports United Way’s work in the Healthy Communities Coalition, which fosters collaboration among diverse community-based organizations in order to improve the health and well-being of Las Vegas Valley residents.

“Collective impact suggests that we cannot solve our problems in isolation,” said Gard Jameson. “We need all hands on deck; working together, talking together and dreaming together of a more vibrant community.”

When she finds spare time, Dr. Jameson can be found digging into the soil in what she calls her “backyard horticulture adventure,” while Gard Jameson enjoys being with his wife, traveling, community involvement and paleontology.

The Jamesons are committed to creating a better future for Southern Nevada through their support of United Way.

“Whether it is by volunteering, or by becoming an advocate for a community concern or engaging in a philanthropic investment in our community, United Way presents the greatest opportunity for the greatest good,” Gard Jameson said.