In many ways, fall is a beginning: school, football, cooler weather and the time change. In the cycle of life, fall is the time of harvest after planting in the spring and growth in the summer. That is the way I feel as I write this—I am harvesting what I planted.

I have lived in Las Vegas over 35 years and have worked in the media industry for many years. I am honored to have been a part of Las Vegas Woman magazine for years and was thrilled when the opportunity to take on the role of editor-in-chief was presented to me.

I hope to bring the same informative, educational, fun, and thought-provoking content that will inspire you to read, discuss and share. I am so proud to be part of Las Vegas Woman magazine and will strive to continue to contribute to its message of inspiration, hope and accomplishment.

I am amazed by all of our wonderful writers and what they have contributed for our readers including the value of eating fruits and vegetables, the advances in women’s health, creating a family, along with all of our wonderful doctors who are a big part of health care in Southern Nevada.

Thank you again for this opportunity to share with you the world of Las Vegas and what it has to offer all of us. I look forward to the coming months and years of continuing to share with all of you.

Debbie Hall
Las Vegas Woamn