By Rev. Thabiti

Undeniably we exist on a plane of law between inhaling and exhaling. This plane of law is also why we reap what we sow. Our life (by this same law) causes a perfect reflection of our attitude, perception and belief. We live between an inner world and an outer world as each breath moves in and out. We live between an invisible cause and the visible effect of phenomenon. Therefore, the first fundamental law of Life is the law between Cause and Effect. This fundamental law is the rule determining how cause becomes effect.

We cannot control everything but we can control our response to anything and how we respond to things that happen, reveals where we are in personal maturity or spiritual consciousness. We have the ability to upgrade our standard of living by choosing to elevate the situation wherever we are and in whatever we do.

No matter what the situation, we have the power to direct our attention. “Energy flows where the attention goes.” Our whole life follows the attention. We cannot stop the flow of thoughts into our minds, but we can control which thoughts get our attention, which thoughts to ignore or which thoughts to act on.

It is from this same place within governing the direction of our attention that also determines our response to things that happen. This is a key to becoming enlightened. This is where you discover that love is everywhere. Why? Because
you bring it with you. Therefore, happiness is not something needing to be found because happiness is what we can bring to any situation we choose.

This is why, no matter what, we can elevate the situation. We can choose to turn hate into love, fear into faith, scarcity thinking into abundance consciousness, less talking into more listening, resentment into forgiveness and victim
consciousness into victory consciousness.

Our natural tendency in life is to want more and more. We all want more love, more fun, more money, more knowledge, more pleasure and fulfillment. We are constantly seeking the more and the better and the greater. As we elevate
the situation—more love, peace and beauty is released and we immediately improve the quality of life wherever we are.