Doctors receive international acclaim

Bruce S. ShapiroIt should come as no surprise that people holiday in Las Vegas, a city unlike any other, to experience world-class hotels, nightlife, food and entertainment. But did you know that people also travel to Las Vegas to be treated at one of the most highly respected fertility centers in the world? The Fertility Center of Las Vegas has received international acclaim for their high success rates, extensive experience, groundbreaking research and excellent patient care. In a recent article, fertility pioneer Jacques Cohen has called research performed by clinic founder, Dr. Bruce Shapiro and practice manager, Dr. Said Daneshmand, the most compelling and important trials performed in IVF in the past 10 years. This is an impressive recognition and important consideration for anyone, male or female, considering fertility treatments to create their family. The research and advances performed at The Fertility Center of Las Vegas have become so significant, their success rates in single embryo transfers resulting in live births rivals most fertility clinics in the world. The Fertility Center of Las Vegas has a celebrity clientele and an international patient base who seek alternative fertility treatments with remarkable results.

For more than two decades, The Fertility Center of Las Vegas has been dedicated to making parenthood possible for anyone who wishes to become a parent. The doctors and staff are committed to helping all types of families welcome children through a combination of clinical excellence and exceptional care. Patients at The Fertility Center of Las Vegas work with Dr. Shapiro, a graduate of Yale and the University of Amsterdam, and Dr. Daneshmand, who was trained at the UCLA Medical Center. Both doctors have received advanced certification and are Sub-specialty Board Certified in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility. Dr. Shapiro and Dr. Daneshmand are on the cutting edge of reproductive technology. They utilize the world’s most advanced techniques and offer the utmost professional, warm experience with a high level of discretion.

Said DaneshmandDr. Shaprio and Dr. Daneshmand and their staff are truly are a diamond in the desert, and for anyone considering using a fertility option, the need to seek care elsewhere has virtually been eliminated. The Fertility Center of Las Vegas is the destination for intended parents worldwide and a resource for innovation and safety protocols recognized and adopted by reproductive endocrinologists and fertility specialists worldwide. With so many transplants to our city and deep seeded fears when it comes to sophisticated, high level health care, the city that has for so long been known a haven for tawdry evenings and late night soirees, Las Vegas offers us another, more settled reason to stay up all night – a child.

“At The Fertility Center of Las Vegas, we have always worked diligently to make parenthood possible. We are proud to be considered on of the top fertility clinics in the United States and to be recognized internationally for our scientific advancements of fertility treatments, making them safer and more effective,” said Dr. Shapiro.

There are many options available for anyone wanting to become a parent. The staff at The Fertility Center of Las Vegas will work closely with you to find the treatment cycle that best fits your individual needs. Services at the Fertility Center of Las Vegas include intrauterine insemination (IUI), In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), gestational carriers (surrogacy), egg donor IVF, donor egg bank, embryo donation and other procedures that will help your family conceive. Free monthly informational seminars are offered. To register, visit