By Rev. Thabiti

If we exist within the so-called “Game of Life,” then the natural or obvious objective for us all is to win the game. Some might say, “It is not the cards you’re dealt but how you play the hand.” Others might say, “You will never get to second base if you’re keeping one foot on first base in an effort to play it safe.” Or maybe others might say, “You cannot win the lottery if you don’t purchase a ticket.” What they’re all saying is we have to get into action and go for it or else we have no chance to win.

On the field of everyday life, to score a touchdown requires strategic advantage and enough maneuverable skill to get the ball all the way downfield against the opposing forces. The closer we get the ball to the goal line, the meaner and more determined the defense becomes to stop us. This is what is happening in your everyday life when it seems like everything is trying to stop you from reaching your personal goals. The point is if you are experiencing strong adversity, then life is probably telling you that you are near the goal line for a big score. Enough persistence and determination is all you need to win every time.

The touchdown is like the masculine principle because in order to be born we all must score the ultimate touchdown of being the first sperm cell to reach the mother’s egg because there are no second or third place prizes if we miss.

The touch up represents the feminine principle. The touch up is what causes things to look improved or better. The touchup is commonly used whenever someone is trying to sell a used car or home because it helps justify a higher selling price. A touchup using hair coloring can make a person look younger than they normally do or wear high heels to look taller. Using cosmetics for a touch up can make can make a person look more attractive by enhancing their features.

The nature of the touch up is to make things look cleaner, newer or more appealing. Therefore, if “presentation is everything” in the Game of Life then we need to apply those touch ups wherever we can or we will never score the touchdown.

Rev. Thabiti is the CEO at, executive director at and is the inventor of the personal time-map system. He also officiates at weddings and funerals and can be contacted directly at