Las Vegas is a city of renewal, a place where re-invention is as common as the desert air. Las Vegas is also a place where men and women come to retire from a career but ready to embrace life and its adventures. Three women have decided to reinvent themselves by working with Compass Living, a Las Vegas-based company that seeks to recreate the ability to live a pampered retirement lifestyle globally that is cost effective.

compass living retirement lifestyleCompass Living can improve the retirement lifestyle for anyone that likes to travel while being pampered by offering furnished units with meals, housekeeping and spa services for affordable monthly packages in multiple countries.

One of the team members is Lola Parocua. When it came to where she and her husband would retire, Las Vegas was at the top of the list. The climate, cost-of-living, amenities and tax structure were all attractive. Las Vegas, however, is simply the latest in a series of stops around the world, and it may not be the last. “Right now we’re enjoying the experience of living in Las Vegas,” Parocua said.

Parocua has lived a life of great experiences. She retired as senior staff from the Department of Homeland Security as head of immigration for Las Vegas. She and her husband, a U.S. armed services veteran, have lived in S. Korea, and Thailand, and have traveled all over the world.

Another team member, Vivian Palmer, is a former auto manufacturer executive and spent three years in China as head of all marketing for Ford. While there she enjoyed the ensconced life of a corporate expat, where all daily needs were taken care of and also opted to live as a local to fully experience the sights and sounds of blending into the environment.

Team member Emily Higby, who retired from the hospitality industry after opening a number of hotels as part of the Marriott system, has lived in Southeast Asia as well as traveled extensively before retiring in Las Vegas. She co-founded a nonprofit and has a stake in a travel agency, while living in Las Vegas. Her professional experience also includes being senior in one of the largest travel agencies in Southeast Asia.

These women have a wealth of business experience. “Just because you retire doesn’t mean your mind stops working,” Higby said.

Baby-boomers are considered the most adventurous older generation. Increasingly, they are finding that after 20-, 30- or 40-year careers that their grandparents’ or parents’ retirement doesn’t work for them. They are continuing to redefine expectations about retirement.

While many have always desired to retire overseas, either full-time or part-time, the barrier has always been steep in adopting extended stays overseas, especially if someone is contemplating purchasing real estate overseas. “Buying and selling a house is hard; doing so in a country where you don’t understand the laws and may not even understand the language is darn near impossible,” said Higby. “This is part of the reason the Compass Living model of not selling real estate or timeshares is very attractive. You can just book, show up with a carry on and you are good to go.”

“What I like about Compass Living is that it allows retirees to live the global lifestyle that I have lived, always with the knowledge that I could go home to the United States anytime I want,” said Palmer.

Compass Living enables a better lifestyle at a surprisingly affordable monthly cost. For more information, visit or contact at