Full-service oral surgery, implant, restorative, children’s, sedation and continued dental care

Infinity Dental Family Dentistry and Dr. Douglas Sanchez offers a full line of gentle cosmetic and general dentistry. Services include Invisalign Ortho braces, All-On-4 Teeth in A Day, single dental implants, BOOST whitening, veneers, crown and bridge, sealants and root canal.

Dr Douglas Sanchez Las VegasDr. Sanchez earned his Doctorate of Medical Dentistry from UNLV’s School of Dental Medicine and is skilled in different areas of dentistry including cosmetic, restorative dentistry, advanced surgical treatments and Endodontics.

What is the latest in technology in the dental field?
The All-on-Four Teeth in a day concept with dental implants is the most rewarding procedure that I perform. To be able to take a patient from dentures, no teeth or severe decay to a full mouth with a great smile is incredibly rewarding. Soft Tissue Laser technology is a great new addition to the practice. We aid in healing gum infections, sensitive teeth and cold sores, making new and better treatment more comfortable. Technology in the dental field is constantly growing and changing, making your dental visit easier and the treatment more reliable and less painful.

What advice would you give for better dental health?
I encourage a more proactive preventive approach to achieve and maintain dental health. We are also excited to have brought in our hygienist Patricia Valdez. It is incredible to have her as our patients’ advocate in oral hygiene. We as a team try to help our patients understand the benefits of having an overall healthy mouth in order to reduce the load on our immune system. Some patients may feel discouraged and apprehensive when it comes to time for their continuing care check-ups. We at Infinity Dental strive to make our patients have a sense of comfort and not feel as if they are being lectured or criticized. Talking to and building relationships with our patients is of great importance.

As more and more people are losing their dental insurance; it is more important than ever to maintain cleanings and exams, in order to avoid catastrophic failures in a mouth. We have made it possible for our patients to continue to receive that preventive care by our development of Infinity Dental Benefits. It was developed to help our non-insured patients afford treatment and routine cleanings that they may otherwise miss. Our plan could cost less than what they’re currently paying for regular dental insurance. It is also important for our patients to realize our office is more than happy to help patients with payments. These are great options to keep in mind when maintaining oral hygiene.

What safety measures do you use in your practice?
I am proud of my office and my staff. We fully utilize state of the art equipment and we have a modern day sterilization system and methods that surpass CDC and ADA requirements. Our sterilizers are rigorously tested in the office as well as by a third party to ensure that they are working to the best of their ability. Each staff member is individually trained in infection control to avoid any chance of cross-contamination. We also use the best disinfectants and barriers are placed on every surface.

We always want our patient’s visit here to be a rewarding experience. We thoroughly review your medical history and will not do anything to counteract with any existing condition. Blood pressure is taken at every visit and we also use pulse-ox to record how much oxygen is in the patient’s body at all times. The patient is also given their own personal protective equipment to wear during all procedures. Everything that we do here is to make our patients have a comfortable visit.

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