By Dr. Cynthia Payne

Become your own nutritional genius

There are two common questions I have been asked during my 17 years of practice at the end of an eye exam. The first one is, “Are there any vitamins I should be taking to take care of my eyes or to make my eyes better?” The second one is, “What should I be doing to keep my eyes healthy?”

In the past, my answer was always to recommend sunglass wear with UV protection, take a good daily multivitamin along with omega 3s and eat a variety of fruits and vegetables along with the comment “What is good for the body is good for the eyes.” Now, with the Nutritional Genius Program through xR, Trendsetter Eyewear has the ability to answer those questions very specifically in a unique and personal way. This is a way to improve our overall health, and the health of the eyes, by using preventative care medicine instead of disease care medicine.

Epigenetic WellnessThe Nutritional Genius Program is based on the science of Epigenetics. This is how we play our genetic code by turning genes on or off to impact their effect on our health by using food, nutraceuticals and lifestyle changes. It allows us to use genetics to treat eye disease and related systemic disease by providing whole body care as part of caring for the eye.

The Nutritional Genius Program has two test components. The first test is a food sensitivity test. This is a finger-prick blood that tests both immediate and delayed allergic reactions to 95 different foods. The foods tested include dairy, wheat, gluten, fruits, fish, shellfish, vegetables, meats, coffee and chocolate. The second test is the GEMS (Genetic Enzymatic Methylation Syndrome) test. This is a cheek-swab test that identifies genetic mutations in the Methylation Pathway which tells us which enzymes may not be functioning optimally. Once these are identified, the right foods and targeted nutraceuticals can be recommended to best support the body and optimize health. Using the results from these tests, a report is generated for the patient with specific foods to avoid, limit and eat in abundance. If desired, a custom daily packet of nutraceuticals can be designed to complete the recommended supplementation from the test results.

Why is the Methylation Pathway so important to our health? The Methylation Pathway is linked to our genetics and is a biochemical process that stabilizes our DNA and influences our hormone levels. It also affects stress, mood balancing, sleep, energy production, detoxification, immune function and controlling inflammation. These processes are involved with macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, cataract, autism, ADHD, migraine and many other methylation conditions. By modifying the effects of the genes associated with the methylation pathway, we can decrease our risk of developing certain diseases.

Trendsetter Eyewear is very excited to be the first optometric practice in Nevada to provide this level of healthcare and offer this option to our patients. We invite you to become a Nutritional Genius and take control of your healthcare on a very personal and unique level. Learn which foods are bad or good for you as well as which foods can act as poison or medicine for your body. You can schedule a Genetic Wellness evaluation or request more information by calling 702.479.5222. Additional information is also available at and will be coming soon to