After years of marriage, couples in love renew their vows

Ruth and Jack - I Still DoRuth Lauber and her husband Jack are still crazy about each other after 20 years of marriage and wanted to renew their wedding vows.

There are many traditional ways to renew to celebrate the renewal of vows, but the Laubers decided on an unconventional way.

They renewed their vows at Aaron Lelah Jewelers. Their officiant, Jimmy Mac McNamara (author of “Tales from the Wedding Alter”) tearfully and happily married them. Family and friends gathered around in the jewelry store as they said “I Do” again. Ruth Lauber loves Aaron Lelah’s custom designed pieces and had diamond earrings on hold for when they renewed their vows. Everyone enjoyed being surrounded in the brilliance of diamonds as Ruth and Jack Lauber demonstrated how strong their love is for one another.

Ruth and Jack, sitting in a tree...Jack Lauber is a true Las Vegas local of 67 years and was, in fact, born at St. Rose Dominican in Henderson. He has built this city as a superintendent on casinos from Jerry’s Nugget to the Cosmopolitan. Ruth Lauber is the vice president of marketing & sales at “Las Vegas Woman” magazine.

Couples renew their wedding vows for a variety of reasons and there is proper etiquette to be followed.

First, a vow renewal is not a second wedding. A second wedding is what one has after they’ve been divorced or widowed. Even if you are marrying the same spouse, if the two of you were divorced, then it is a second wedding. If you have remained married, it is a renewal of vows.

R and JYour vow renewal or reaffirmation ceremony should be different from your wedding day. While it’s a nice idea to incorporate some of the traditions, take this opportunity to make new ones as well.

Diamonds are a...Since this is not a legal ceremony, anyone may officiate the event. Decide on whether you will hold pre-renewal party or dinner, an after-party or both. While maybe the bride might not want to wear a wedding gown (unless she was unable to at the actual wedding and wants to this time); dress attire is up to the couple. Instead of gifts, maybe consider collecting for a food pantry or pet rescue. There are many ways to celebrate a continuing marriage with vow renewals.