By Debbie Hall

Specialty: Aesthetic and Cosmetic Surgery

Working for over 26 years as a plastic surgeon in Las Vegas, Dr. Julio Garcia specializes in aesthetic/cosmetic surgery. Heading a 5-member professional team comprised of nurses, an aesthetician and administrative staff, Dr. Garcia’s practice performs the entire scope of cosmetic procedures from the head, chest, torso, abdomen, legs and arms. Along with his medical training, Dr. Garcia also holds a degree in art history which he has found has served him well in terms of analyzing the forms and shapes that patient has and how he will approach each individual patient. Dr. Garcia and his staff also spend over 60 hours annually for training in new technologies.

Dr. Garcia received his B.A. from Northwestern University where he achieved a double major in biology and art history. From there he attended medical school at the University of Illinois in Chicago and then remained there for his general surgery and plastic surgery training. He moved to Las Vegas after completing his post graduate training.

Why did you enter your field of specialty?
I became interested in the field of plastic surgery after spending a summer working in a plastic surgery office of a friend of my father who was a physician. Once seeing the changes that one could see physically and emotionally after these types of surgeries, I focused my studies on the field.

What should people expect looking for cosmetic surgery?
First and foremost is to look for a board certified plastic surgeon. I am honored to be certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

What can a patient expect when they walk into your office?
I strive to maintain a high standard of low stress service access along with a friendly, family type environment. What the patient should expect from me during a consultation is a focused and individualized approach to the patient’s desires. All options, including surgical and non-surgical, will be discussed and a frank conversation about what might be the best options for that particular individual are finalized in collaboration with the patient. It is not a physician only process. It is a mutual collaboration with adequate education of the consumer that will yield the individualized program that is best for the patient.

What charities are you involved in?
I donate my time and resources to a number of entities in Las Vegas. I run a program to remove tattoos from juvenile ex-gang members in order to allow then to enter a more normal lifestyle. I also provide a tattoo removal program to female victims of human trafficking in order to remove the stigma. I am the physician leader of the medical team attached to the LVMPD SWAT Team, providing medical care during all SWAT operations to care for injured police officers, innocent bystanders and alleged perpetrators in an area where the local EMT services cannot approach. I serve on the board of Directors of Crime Stoppers of Nevada where anonymous leads relative to crimes perpetrated are collected which can lead to arrests. These tips are then rewarded with financial incentives.

Office contact information Las Vegas Cosmetic Surgery
6020 S Rainbow Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89118