Debbie Hall HeadshotA New Year, A New You—how inspiring for all of us including me. I am ready to make positive changes and take my life to another level. It is such a pleasure to share the wonderful people, places and events highlighted in this issue.

First the holidays. My birthday is on Dec. 15 so I enjoy celebrating Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, my birthday, Christmas, Kwanzaa, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. Yes, I celebrate them all joyfully. There is so much to do in Southern Nevada during this special time of year.

Then there is shopping. If you are looking for that special gift, our holiday gift guide should give you great ideas. There is our fashion spread featuring the staff and supporters of Goodwill of Southern Nevada modeling the latest fashions and classic designs that are available at Goodwill retail stores including glamorous dresses and professional pieces. Sherry Swensk gives us great ideas on how to stay green with some wonderful gift ideas.

Health and fitness are important throughout the year and now is the time for all of us, including me, to take it more seriously. We have profiled some wonderful doctors and other professionals to help us attain new goals of being our best. Whether it is working on our appearance, dealing with medical issues or improving overall with fitness and healthy eating; I met some wonderful people and spoke with friends of the magazine about this new phase in all of our lives.

Of course, we honor our Fearless Females and Local Ladies Achievement along with dynamic women in the entertainment and broadcast industry. I am inspired by Beth Fisher’s story on Nina Austin. Why Ranch, connecting children in need with horses, is the scene of some incredible miracles.

For the adventurous, Napa Valley is ready for you with great wine tastings, Pahrump is now an awesome staycation and Rosarito in Mexico offers a winter getaway.

Let’s all celebrate the good during the holidays and create A (dynamic) New Year, A New You in 2015.

All the best,
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