By Seth Grabel
Contributing writer Las Vegas Woman magazine and Las Vegas Informer

Are you an entertainer? Why do you believe you’re an entertainer? Are you enjoyable to watch? Entertainers need a competitive edge that brings the audience to a mesmerized state of mind. In my mind the audience is your client and an entertainer’s job is to make the audience happy. I have experienced countless shows that not only bore the audience, but outright offend their taste in entertainment. A genuinely talented entertainer mentally removes the audience from their everyday lives and gives them a pleasurable experience.

The work never stops as a magical entertainer. It’s important to constantly create new and unique magic effects. Countless hours are spent in front of a mirror to make sure all angles are covered. When I perform, all is forgotten and I go with my natural instinct. If I practice enough my tendencies become the performance. It’s more important to focus on the audience than to be caught up in the trick. Lee Grabel, a famous magician whose signature piece is the floating piano, said, “The main thing above all else is your interaction with the audience.” By giving the audience energy and attention, it becomes magic. If a magician focuses on the magic, it becomes a trick. Tricks are like a sugary cereal marketed to kids who will have cavities. Magic brings the audience in to a world touched with imagination.

Imagination and creativity makes an entertainer unique. Exceptional acts are in demand and always entertain the audience. It’s easy to purchase a magic box and perform it with pre-written patter. It’s much more involved to create an illusion and sell it with a unique style. It has been challenging for me to create a unique specialty act that I am proud to sell and perform. Once the initial staging and creative thought process is done, practice is the only way to make the act successful. It is my belief that adding and changing your act is critical to the success and longevity of an entertainer’s career. Fans want to be entertained and a performer must make his clients happy. An aspiring entertainer must be more than just talented; motivation and perseverance have made many entertainers succeed.

Many people believe its all fun and games to be an entertainer. Often people do not realize that a talented person is not born that way; to become talented you must practice over and over again until it becomes second nature. When you’re done practicing, which is really never, you must then sell your abilities. Many entertainers lack the quality of self promotion and do not have an understanding of business. A producer once told me, “This is show business; the trick is getting butts in seats.” Even with sub par shows, a successful business man can be a producer, but an entertainer who does not understand the business can easily get lost in the shuffle and become only a number to a large corporation who cares only about the bottom line. The common response I get when I tell people l know that I am a performer is, “Oh wow, cool, you’re so lucky to have a fun job.” In reality it’s just like any other job—95 percent hard work, 5 percent fun. When I am performing and making people smile, all of the hard work is worthwhile.

Seth Grabel - Las VegasSeth Grabel is a versatile entertainer who uses magic, acrobatics and audience interaction to create a fun and uplifting show. Constantly creating and coming up with unique effects, Grabel makes every special event one to be remembered. To contact Seth, visit or call 702.614.4559.