Offering a healthy, convenient alternative

 owners of The Juice StandardWhether needing to increase resistance to illness and exhaustion during the holiday season or starting the New Year with renewed resolution, juicing is a healthy alternative. The Juice Standard offers 20 varieties of cold-pressed juices, each served in a 16-ounce glass bottle, known as a Singleton, as well as several juice cleanses, super-food smoothies, specialty espresso drinks and a signature “Acai Crunch” bowl.

The two founders and best friends for 15 years, Jamie Stephenson, CEO, and Marcella Williams, COO, both believe in their product as well as live the healthy lifestyle. As Stephenson explained, “When I moved home to be with my family, my mother explained there was one rule I had to follow and that was I could live there rent-free but I had to eat and drink only food made by my mother’s hands. My stepfather had been diagnosed with advanced colorectal cancer and given about seven months to live. In an effort to save his life, my mother totally changed our diet. We went completely macrobiotic as well as vegan. Juicing was an everyday part of our lives.” Stephenson saw the effects, and her stepfather lived longer with a better quality of life. While no longer vegan and hardcore macrobiotic, Stephenson remains an avid juicer and uses juice as a simple, effective way to maintain high nutrition and her health.


Williams, who is the mother of three children and culinarian, became a juicer after a life-changing trip to Greece got her thinking about the value of eating for health. “I was blessed with the opportunity to travel to Europe and stay for a significant amount of time where I experienced a clean Mediterranean diet. It included weekly trips to the liaki (“farmers market”) and really allowed me a chance to get my family on a healthy path. While not vegan, we incorporate juice into our daily lives and have eliminated processed meats and foods.”

The Juice Standard uses juices and nut milks that are raw as well as organic and locally sourced produce (whenever possible) that’s been farmed sustainably and responsibly. Its juices are cold pressed, and there is no high pressure processing. Ingredients include greens such as kale, chard and spinach in nutrient-dense recipes. Roots are vegetables that have a little more natural sugar than other veggies such as beets and carrots, but when correctly combined with complementary vegetables with less sugar, roots are superior energy boosters. Clears are what The Juice Standard calls the ingredients that naturally float and flush while adding hydration and refreshment. Clears include lemon, watermelon and cucumber. Nut milk doesn’t contain dairy, but is liquid extracted from protein-rich cashews for bone-healthy magnesium and heart-healthy, monounsaturated fats.

If ready for some juice, there are two locations open Monday through Saturday from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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