By Debbie Hall

Angela Pettit HeadshotAngela Pettit, an experienced fitness professional, has channeled her tenacity from the gym to the office and has teamed up with her father, Dan Pettit, to develop Azzurre Spirits, based in Las Vegas. Pettit is leading the launch of the company’s core products of Azzurre Vodka and Azzurre Gin with the goal to take the luxury brand global. Pettit takes on a variety of roles and work within every facet of the company, including sales, marketing and operations.

The limited amount of distillation the spirits need allow them to achieve its signature smooth taste. According to Pettit, “One of the most exciting trends in our industry is the rise of craft spirits, and with that a greater demand for spirits that are made with natural ingredients. That makes this the ideal time to launch Azzurre, which is handcrafted, as well as distilled from apples, sugarcane and grapes, instead of potatoes, corn or grains. When a premium spirit is distilled multiple times, it’s to reduce harshness. But with that, you lose flavor. Azzurre is minimally distilled, because the flavor is naturally better, as well as smoother. Azzurre is also family-owned, making the brand even more desirable in this renaissance of small company brands.”

According to Pettit, “Vodka doesn’t have to make you wrinkle your nose and beg for a sugary chaser. Vodka has the ability to be clean and smooth with its own flavor profile. Gin is the new vodka and is fresh, flavorful and versatile.”

Azzurre Spirits has amassed an impressive collection of ratings, including being honored with a 94 rating from the Tasting Panel, a gold medal at the 2016 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, a triple gold medal from MicroLiquor Awards, and a gold medal from Beverage Testing Institute. Azzurre Gin has a silver medal from the 2016 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, 93 rating from the Beverage Tasting Institute, and a 91 rating from the Tasting Panel.

Azzurre Spirits recently acquired Victoria Distillers, located in Sidney, British Columbia, Canada. “We visited the town in British Columbia often, when our daughter Angela attended college up there,” said Dan Pettit, owner of Azzurre Spirits. “Canada is known for the best and cleanest water. Azzurre is unique in our distillation process, so this was a perfect fit.”

Born and raised in the Bay Area in California, Pettit spent a couple of years living in England. She graduated from the University of British Columbia with a Bachelor of Science degree in kinesiology and moved to Las Vegas after college. Pettit has been a certified personal trainer for two years, with over seven years of experience as an athletic trainer, ranging from varsity to professional sports.

DanAngelaPettit_Credit_Krystal_RamirezAs for her career change, “I decided to become a part of the spirits industry because it is something that my family and I have been talking about for years,” she explained. “My dad has always wanted to create his own gin, so when he proposed we get serious about producing a new type of vodka and gin, I jumped at the opportunity.”

Her father is both her mentor and inspiration. “Seeing how hard he has worked every day in his life pushes me to follow in his footsteps. It is awesome,” Pettit said. “I am spoiled to be able to work with such a successful businessman and learn from him every day.”

Pettit gives back to her community by participating in Keep Memory Alive, New Vista and other community organizations through Azzurre, as well as her personal involvement. Visit for more information.