How can a non-surgical facelift help you?
We understand that aesthetics means great smiles and younger faces. Your front teeth support your lips, and your back teeth support your jawline. When restoring your smile, slight yet precise increases create fuller lips, less facial wrinkles, tighter necks and stronger chins. Restoring your smile helps reverse the aging process.

What should I expect from my first consultation?
It is important that you feel comfortable with your choice of a dental office for your care. As with any new relationship, getting to know one another is the first step in determining whether or not our office will be a good fit for you. It’s a great way to explore a new world of possibilities for your smile.

DrLaurieGetting started with us is easy. We begin by making you an appointment for a private consultation with our team. We will send you a few simple forms to fill out. To make the most of your appointment time, we will review your forms prior to your visit.

When you arrive, our new patient coordinator will meet privately with you in our consultation room. The two of you will sit down and talk. We will listen to you. It is very important to us to find out what you want to see and how we can help you. Next, you will have a set of digital photographs made of your mouth, and a quick complimentary computerized bite analysis made of your bite.

I will then see you, and we will look at your photographs on a big-screen TV. You, our new patient coordinator and myself will then be able to discuss your concerns.

After reviewing your photos, listening to what you want and examining your mouth, problems and solutions begin to present themselves. During your consultation, we will talk about your goals, assess your bite and recommend the best option for you.

Your consultation with me will be over an hour of our undivided attention. Whether we decide to work together or not, you will leave your consultation with a clear understanding of what is going on in your mouth. While we understand that many offices offer free consultations, the comprehensive nature of our consultations make the nominal fee an outstanding value.

Why should metal fillings be replaced with white fillings?
There are two major misconceptions people have about metal fillings in their back teeth: that their appearance doesn’t matter and that they’re functionally fine. Although these fillings may not be visible when you smile, they are visible when you talk and when you eat, which means you’re showing them a lot more than you think. And although you may not be aware of problems with these fillings, chances are that damage is being done to your teeth every time you chew, eat, drink or clench your teeth.

White fillings will not only improve the appearance of your smile, they can make it healthier and more comfortable, too.

Over the past 40 years, many advances have been made in the materials and techniques used to fill cavities and repair decayed teeth. When fillings were first introduced nearly 200 years ago, they were all made of amalgam, a metal mixture containing mercury, which even then caused controversy. These fillings, which are still used today, are not desirable for a variety of reasons: They are prone to cracking over time, very noticeable (often turning black with age) and contain hazardous mercury. For all of these reasons, tooth-colored dental filling upgrades that use metal-free materials are more popular than ever.

Aside from the reasons listed above, plastic and porcelain filling upgrades offer many benefits over amalgam. When you upgrade your metal fillings to tooth-colored fillings made from porcelain or composite, they are custom-made to create a better seal over your teeth. It is stronger and hardens much more quickly than amalgam, and it matches the natural color and sheen of your teeth. They also don’t expand or contract in extreme hot and cold temperatures, which can cause your teeth to be sensitive and weaken over time.