As Well As A Living Memorial

Jeanne-HamrickIt is no secret in the nonprofit world that the way people give is evolving. According to Jeanne Hamrick, a Las Vegas native and senior executive with the consulting firm The Fundraising Resource Group, “Changes are happening on both sides of the equation; nonprofit organizations are operating more like businesses and donors see themselves more as investors.” Today’s donors want to see a return on their investment and are more concerned with the long-term success of the nonprofit. “This is a mindset you see not just with major financial donors but also with younger, up-and-coming volunteers,” Hamrick said. “People expect more out of nonprofit organizations today in terms of effectiveness, efficiency and accountability.”

Hamrick works with nonprofit organizations, helping them to focus on high-impact, high-return activities including major gift fundraising, planning and feasibility studies and capital campaigns. “Our approach to problem-solving is very strategic and is based on solid business and fundraising practices,” Hamrick said. “Another one of our big differentiators is our ‘teach-you-to-fish-philosophy.’ We are committed to training our clients so that we eventually work ourselves out of a job. Our goal is to address an organization’s immediate needs while mapping a strategic course for future sustainability and self-reliance.

“Today’s donors want to see a return on their investment and are more concerned with the long-term success of the nonprofit.”

“Our work is about helping organizations grow support for their mission so they can serve more of those in need. Part of this is about identifying donors with the capacity to give more and understanding their needs. People are motivated to give for many different reasons. Often people get involved in causes that has either directly touched their lives or the lives of those close to them. Numerous studies have demonstrated the direct connection between giving [time or money], happiness and better health.”

Hamrick, whose passion for her work and for the missions of the nonprofits she works with is obvious, explained her start in the world of professional fundraising was “more by accident than intent.” When Hamrick’s daughter was attending Bishop Gorman High School, the same high school Hamrick graduated from, she started volunteering in the development office. When it was determined that the school needed to be moved from its previous location to a new, modernized building, Hamrick was instrumental in developing the capital campaign to relocate the school’s campus to its current location. “With the help of Daniel Neel [president of The Fundraising Resource Group] and his team, I ended up running the campaign and raised $52 million for the school. I am very passionate about our community. I was born and raised here in Las Vegas. I absolutely believe that we have one of the most generous communities in the United States.”

Hamrick’s advice to the community is, “We are really at an important crossroad for our community. Generosity in Las Vegas continues to grow but we lost some momentum in the most recent financial downturn, so I would urge people to consider getting involved with a charity of their choice. Find a cause that taps into your interests and passions, and figure out how you would like to help.” Getting involved can mean a lot of different things from volunteering or serving on a board, to donating goods or services, to donating money. Small gifts of any kind can make a big difference.

It’s all about caring, giving back and really sharing. According to Hamrick, philanthropy today is increasingly becoming a very thoughtful, deliberate and interactive process. “Donors expect more today, even when they are giving at lower levels. Rather than just giving an organization $20, it’s about buying three ducks for a family in a third-world country. Donors want to choose and know how their donation is making an impact.”

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