By Jodi Friedman

Since I was featured on the cover of the summer issue of Las Vegas Woman magazine, the emphasis this fall has been on bringing about deep healing to the entire global community. As mankind comes to realize that it holds within itself a great power to bring things back into balance, people everywhere have begun working TOGETHER for a higher purpose. People woke up to so many natural disasters all over the planet; unearthing people’s deep emotions of helplessness. During this time of emotional and physical turmoil, various locations experienced a deep loss of lives through natural forces. On the heels of the hurricanes, earthquakes, wildfires and the Route 91 Harvest Festival; tragedy shook up the world. It brought people closer together more than ever before. Thousands of people in Las Vegas, as well as around the globe, united into one singular front; sorting out the beginning needs to help each other. Personally being part of the Las Vegas community effort inspired One World Healing, a group being designed to collaborate as a global community helping humanity heal spiritually and emotionally.

As a speaker and spiritual teacher in Intentional Healings, I have created a new platform to bridge the gap of the spiritually awakening worldwide community. Due to this One October tragic event, the community that had been labeled Sin City is proving itself to become fiercely #VegasStrong! Southern Nevadans are recognizing their compassionate roots of connection by supporting each other. Life’s senseless tragedies show the world that it always has the resources it needs to thrive, and people are finding that it’s better to assist one another rather than needlessly rage and fight. There has become a greater opportunity to change from the inside out now; unifying and feeling that the world truly is connected and that nobody needs to stand alone.

Myself, Theresa Lange and Josh Carpenter along with other Las Vegas leaders, recently formed the new transformational group, One World Healing. This is our sincere effort to bring communities closer together while addressing the continuing needs of a community that is grieving. Keeping the bonds strong over time to assist those in true need is the mission and purpose. Events are being planned, leaders are stepping up and this community is taking shape.

People from around the world are joining in to support humanity on many levels.

Jodi Friedman is a Reiki Master teacher in Las Vegas who created Intentional Meditations in several Las Vegas locations. This is designed to help people create peace in natural settings such as Salt Room LV, Jacob’s Garden and Go Vegan Cafe as well as other healing and wellness centers. Jodi facilitates Reiki certification classes and teaches financial success and loving relationship workshops. She does private healing sessions utilizing Reiki, meditation, breath work, NLP and hypnosis with coaching to find the root problem and release it at its source. For more information, contact Jodi at and email at Like Jodi on Facebook at