The creation of Nordic Beach wrap was inspired by California’s coastal weather. But it fits perfectly with Southern Nevada. The uniquely designed wraps are one-size-fits-all, and made from super-soft micro poly that feels as light and fluffy as cotton candy. Features include an oversize hood and deep-cut sleeves that taper down to sleek, long-fitted cuffs, adding elegance and functionality. Put hands into the extra-large cozy pockets and feel secure that valuables will not be lost.

Whether shopping, going to a workout, walking the dog, playing with the kids or enjoying Lee Canyon and Mt. Charleston, Nordic Beach is guaranteed to keep everyone comfy and cozy.

Colors are available in Black Licorice, Gray Kitten, Fluffy Frappe, Red Velvet, Pink Heaven and Midnight Navy. Priced at only $85, Nordic Beach wrap will quickly become a favorite jacket. Live life in color in Nordic Beach. Shop online at

On cold and chilly days, I wanted girls and women of all ages to be comfortable while looking fabulous. Nordic Beach is a stylish, timeless piece that is appreciated and enjoyed by women of all ages, and will, no doubt, become your go-to garment on those cold, chilly days.
– Markus Bender, designer of Nordic Beach