By Meghan Bailey
Photo by C. Elyse Photos

It was a moment I never thought would happen. Actually, it was a moment I strived to never have to encounter, but that is precisely what happened in 2017. I woke up, washed my face and, as I dabbed it dry, I saw a person staring back at me that I didn’t recognize anymore. I saw someone who I was utterly bored with, someone whose life was on autopilot and who didn’t have a spark for life anymore.

That someone was me.

The wake-up call broke me down to tears. How had I let myself become so complacent that I now felt bored of who I am?

All of my life I have been the person who embraced change. I not only embraced it, but I sought it out. I loved the thrill of jumping without knowing where I’d land so much so that when I moved to Las Vegas in 2005 at age 19 with no money, no place to live and no job, I guaranteed the person looking back at me in that mirror that I would make something of myself.

Bored of Me ProjectEverything I was hoping to achieve when I moved to Nevada and whom I wanted to be really kicked off for me in 2011. I started a job that would eventually become the coolest career, I was married and expecting a son. I climbed the corporate ladder, became a mother and continued on the same path for years. Inadvertently, I also started an auto-pilot life without even realizing it. Now, as we begin 2018, I couldn’t stop thinking about the woman looking back at me in the mirror and the feeling of being so bored of who I became, a comfortable and complacent woman. I wasn’t taking a risk, and I wasn’t doing what I loved, I wasn’t true to myself.

Then it hit me. I have to work on myself as an individual again. I have to figure out who I am, because, yes, I am a mother and, yes, I am a career woman, but take those out and I can’t find that 19-year-old who jumped and lived. I have to jump out of autopilot and take the proverbial reins. That is how this project was born. The Bored of Me Project is all about kicking complacency to the curb and growing again.

It’s been a long time coming. This project has three primary goals.
1. Find passion again
2. Give into what I love
3. Be brave

To achieve those goals, I am going to start listening to my instincts each day. Do you ever get the feeling to get up and dance, but then you pause and decide it isn’t the time or place? That feeling is your inner self telling you to live. When you get the urge to achieve, do and be; it is time to act. Is it scary? Yes, but I know it will be worth it.

This year let’s document my project. Get microblading, start coloring again, launch a YouTube series, travel somewhere random, find the best hot chocolate in Las Vegas, be happy in my career again, learn calligraphy… and whatever else brings me joy.
Do things that make you feel alive.
Let’s begin Now!

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