Desert Wind Coffee Roasters was founded to provide fresh, locally roasted coffee to caffeine fiends and businesses in the Las Vegas Valley. They reasoned that Las Vegas residents and businesses should support one another to the greatest degree possible, especially for something like coffee, which is best when it is freshly roasted. Their seating area is spacious and relaxing, which many guests describe as going to a friend’s home: comfortable.

Desert Wind Coffee Roasters also brings quality and authenticity to the community. At Desert Wind Coffee Roasters, guests can choose from one of about 18 different, specialty grade coffees from around the world and often watch as it is carefully roasted by hand in small batches in their authentic, handmade Turkish roaster. Everything is out in the open to see, hear and smell. For restaurant guests, they roast to order immediately before delivering, which allows the freshest, most fragrant cup of coffee possible to compliment the meals they prepare and serve.

Desert Wind Coffee Roasters also prepares a wide variety of coffee and espresso drinks right at the roastery. From traditional Italian-style espresso drinks, to house specialties like the “Espresso Breaking Bad” menu, to just a simple cup of black coffee. For those who enjoy a touch of sweetness, they provide a number of different flavors that are handmade from scratch, including chocolate, caramel, raspberry, peanut butter, pumpkin and more. A small selection of fresh pastries is available to compliment the coffee and they have a few coffee alternatives, such as Thai tea, matcha, and green and black tea. Visit for more information.