Spring is a wonderful time for renewal, rebirth and reinvigorating ourselves. The dreary winter days are long gone, but the sweltering summer days are still weeks away.

It is the season where it is not too far into the year where our goals or resolutions are completely shattered, but, if they are, we can still get back on track. At the first sign of temperatures in the mid-60s, I want to open all the windows and clean out all the closets, which is a topic we cover in this issue.

Also, at this point in the year, I am pretty well versed in using my word for the year, which, this year, is “me.” This is going to be the year I take the time out for self-care and some selfishness, if warranted. It is a season full of love and promise.

In this issue, we begin a new four-part series called “The Goodness Experience,” which takes us on a journey to finding and creating joy all around us. If growing stronger in your career is on your to-do list this year, we have all you will need, from creating your elevator pitch to perfecting your networking experiences.

If you find yourself in resolution purgatory, you will enjoy our article on checking in on your resolutions. No matter where you are in your goals for the year, it is not too late to get on track. If you are finding yourself questioning a relationship, you will want to read Stand in Love, which reminds us that we cannot fix people, or Stop for Love where we share ideas on putting your relationship first.

My hope for all of us in this season is that we find joy in the things around us, focus on ourselves and give ourselves the grace to live each day to its fullest.