While in the thick of the winter, somewhere in between chunky snowflakes, ice in the swimming pool and the cool spring winds, I declared that I will not complain about the heat when summer (finally) arrived. Here we are, with summer upon us and I am diligently trying to stick to my declaration.

There are many ways we can escape the heat or celebrate the season and whichever you choose, we have you covered. As we wrap up the brunt of allergy season (it was brutal this year, no?), we talk about the benefits of halotherapy (salt therapy), which is said to clear up the sniffles.

Our Coffee, Wines & Dines section covers new hot spots to meet up with friends and enjoy morning cups of caffeinated beverages, patio dining or ideas for new poolside cocktails. In our Summer Escape story, we highlight several cooler locations that you can easily experience with a quick road trip. Regardless of where you decide to go or what you decide to do, our What’s Trending section has you covered for all the necessities to make your summer memorable.

Our cover story, featuring Dr. Victoria Chen, inspires as she discusses how she manages her thriving career, along with successfully raising two girls who are excelling in school and in life.

And finally, we cannot think about summer without a piece on water safety. As a mother, this was a very difficult piece to write, but such an important message to get across to any and every one who spends time near the water during the summer. Two mothers share their family’s story of experiencing a drowning. Please impart their stories with everyone you know who has a pool and/or young children.

Savor what this season has to offer us—heat and all.