How is it that we are not only ending another year, but also an entire decade? Time waits for no one, right?

Before heading into the New Year, it is important to not only take a moment and reflect on where you have been, but also take time to celebrate where you are, regardless of whether or not you crushed your goals for 2019. I would bet that you are further along in at least one aspect of your life right now than you were a year ago.

Maybe you were holding down multiple hustles or trying to build a business or grow your brand; hopefully the last year has brought you some sort of growth, be it personal or professional. Whether you are in your 30s and struggling to establish a career, in your 40s wondering why you gave up a career or in your 50s and completely starting over in something … let us toast to ourselves!

In this issue, we bring you articles that will lead you to embrace where you are; even if the celebration is around the smaller milestones. We bring articles to motivate you for a happier holiday season, such as “All is Calm, All is Bright” and “Breaking the Chains of Codependency.” And of course, we celebrate with “Wines & Dines” and the annual Holiday Gift Guide.

Finally, each year, I talk about how I choose a word to be my theme for the upcoming year. In 2019, I chose “me” in order to concentrate more on myself. And that I did. I started daily walks with my new puppy and found myself putting myself and my well-being first, for once.

I found plenty of time to have raw, open and honest conversations with myself. I fought with myself, agreed with myself and asked the universe for impossible things, or so they seemed at the time. While my word for 2020 has not yet been established, I can tell you this: I am continuing where I left off. I may not be where I want to be, but I am on the right path.

This year was full of new experiences, which would not have happened if I did not take that time each day to focus on myself. Give yourself grace, embrace where you are and cheers … let’s celebrate.

Knowledge is speaking, wisdom is listening. .Jimi Hnedrix