Part Two

Tell a Better Story–Today is the Perfect Day to Begin a New Chapter

By Janice Marie Wilson
The only way to have a better life is to write a better story. If you do not like the story you are telling, it is time to “gag the nag” (the Neurotic, Anxiety-ridden Grinch). Start that new chapter. Every day brings you a new world; holding onto thoughts from the past is an illusion. When you let go of your nagging thoughts, you see reality more clearly.

You get to see G.O.D. (Graceful Orb of Divinity). You get to see nature, grace, truth and love, which are the constants in life. The NAG is a lie. The NAG will always lie to you; it will steal your happiness and muddle your brain. It makes you feel trapped like a victim—angry and afraid. If you are tired of arguing with yourself, fighting with others, feeling unhappy, lonely, afraid or discouraged, this is how you begin to tell a better story.

Things are coming into your experience in response to your vibration. Your vibration reflects your thinking. Feel good? You are vibrating good thoughts. You are reflecting your G.O.D. Feel bad? Your vibrations are the NAG. You get to pick what you think. Why would you want to feel bad when feeling good is so delicious?

The answer is simple. You do not know any better. You are in the habit of believing that your life will become better if you listen to the NAG. You believe that negative thoughts will make you a more successful person. You take the story the NAG is telling as the truth.

Look at the law of attraction: Like attracts like. This means that NAG thoughts attract unhappiness. G.O.D. thoughts attract happiness. Your mood and feelings affect how you respond to your reality. The way you feel is how you create the story you are telling. Feel G.O.D and your story is beautiful. Feel the NAG and the story turns ugly.
To live your unique story, become aware of how you are feeling. Your story begins inside of your awareness. That is why you have the power to tell a better story. Discover and surprise yourself by becoming aware of the wonderful G.O.D. thoughts you have. The easiest way to do this is to practice gratitude. Allow yourself to be grateful for the love you do have in your life. Allow yourself to see the beauty and goodness that surrounds you. Focus on the good in every moment, regardless of the turmoil that is going on in the world or your life.

Tell yourself the story that will make you happy, even if you are making it up. Stay grounded in gratitude. Being grateful for who you are right now is a start for your new chapter. It is how you begin to live happily ever after. Base your life on the freshness of every moment. Gratitude connects you to the reality of the present moment. It takes away the false power that you have unconsciously surrendered to the NAG.

Your authentic power is found in the presence of now, the G.O.D. The constants in life help create a happy story; they are the truth about you. The NAG is the lie. That is why it feels so awful to listen to it. It is not part of your nature—it is an illusion based on a belief about the past. There is not a flicker of love that lives in it. It is unruly, cantankerous and displeasing to you and everyone around you.

Live your story, your authentic story. Gratitude opens the portal to receive the blessings bestowed by grace. Your story can change for the better instantaneously when grace is activated by gratitude. Gratitude places you in the goodness of now.

Your story can change. You will never be the same person that you were yesterday, today or tomorrow. Being grateful for who you are now brings you a sense of love and clarity at any time and place in your life. It is the ultimate well of renewal and growth. When you maintain a sense of appreciation for the present moment, your life story gets better and better. The better your story, the better you feel. Your life becomes more beautiful; you feel more worthy. You become more loving, creative and confident. You express the qualities of your true self, your G.O.D. in every moment. You experience goodness and begin to tell your unique story of living happily ever after. Happily ever after is the reason you are alive.

Until next time …

Focus on the good you express to others and the world around you. The next time the NAG starts to do her number on you, you will have a treasure chest of protection against her NAG-i-tive barbs.

Make a list of the qualities in others that you admire. Start working on finding those same attributes within yourself to be expressed in your own unique way. By appreciating diversity in one another, we find our own individual uniqueness and each piece fits like a puzzle bringing harmony to our world.

Janice Wilson is a keynote speaker, workshop leader, fashion consultant and author. Her book, “The Goodness Experience” provides the inspiration for this series. You can contact her at