Along with looking good, glasses must properly fit for vision correction, as well as framing the face. A trained optician is vital to any practice for vision and Grady “Chip” Williams Jr. is the master optician at Trendsetter Eyewear.

max pawn las vegas buy back program
Customers of the luxury Las Vegas pawn shop can now sell items back to the store within 90 days (for 70 percent of purchase price) to six months (50 percent of purchase price) and receive a portion of the purchase price back on a consignment basis.

Yes, it can happen. Everyone has bacteria and mites living on the skin and this is usually a beneficial relationship but when overpopulation occurs, there is a problem.

goody bag las vegas woman magazine spring 2014
Spring is here, time to slough off the flaky skin, lighten up your color schemes and get ready to glow

For the ardent Las Vegas supporter, the popular town motto “shop locally” is more than a cheer for the city; it’s a lifestyle rule. Whether you’re shopping within the walls of a locally owned business or purchasing a brand created and owned by a Las Vegas entrepreneur, shopping locally helps to fuel our community spirit and our economy.

Local leaders from fashion, business and the arts have joined together to form the Las Vegas Fashion Council, a not-for-profit trade association with fashion professionals, students, community leaders, philanthropists and organizations that have a common desire to diversify and expand the Las Vegas fashion industry

If your closet could talk
As we move into 2014, what’s important about our closets is how they reflect our goals for the New Year. With every New Year come new goals, intentions and desires. What is in your closet will reflect the goal you intend to get this year. So it’s time to start cleaning from the inside out.

Lorien Meillon
Celebrity Stylist, Extension Specialist and Philanthropist