Doctors of the Desert

Doctors of the Desert

These doctors call the shots. Like our lives, the field of medicine is constantly evolving and on the move.

As a surgeon with the Surgical Weight Control Center of Las Vegas, Dr. Soong performs the latest bariatric procedures such as the Gastric Sleeve,...

Dr. Perry has comprehensive training in general orthopedics including trauma, sports injuries of the spine, minimally invasive spine surgery and reconstructive spine surgery.

Dr. Jacks entered the medical field to care for people who wanted and needed her help. She shared that each patient motivates her to provide the best care possible.

WHASN provides healthcare for normal and complicated pregnancy, management of all forms of gynecologic disease and menopausal management.

Dr. Daneshmand assisted in the development of a blood test to determine the quality of eggs in the ovaries. His dedication to research would serve him well in his future endeavors.

Among the many benefits of Personalized Healthcare are same day, thorough 30-minute appointments with 24/7 access to Dr. Mall’s cell phone number and up to 75 percent fewer days spent in the hospital over any other non-personalized healthcare plans.

Dr. Reddy credits her success and devotion to pediatrics to her resilient work ethic and straightforward demeanor, as well as her appreciation for the energy and innocence she witnesses in her patients.

Dr. Shapiro’s findings have reduced the incidence of side effects following ovarian stimulation, improved embryo implantation rates allowing the transfer of fewer embryos.

“Whether it is by volunteering, or by becoming an advocate for a community concern or engaging in a philanthropic investment in our community, United Way presents the greatest opportunity for the greatest good,” Gard Jameson said.

Soldiers of the (medical) field Articles by Zeenath Haniff Head and shoulders, knees and toes … knees and toes. So we can all sing the...