Mingle and Mayhem 9 : 9th Annual Halloween Networking Party

    Mingle and Mayhem 9
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    Date(s) - 10/25/2012-10/26/2012
    10:00 pm-2:00 am

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    Mingle and Mayhem 9:
    Chainsaw Massacre 9th Annual Halloween Networking Party

    Surrender Nightclub at Encore Las Vegas

    Mingle and Mayhem 9RSVP to guarantee early entry after 10pm, before 12 midnight. Secure your guaranteed RSVP spot, and get the last minute information before the big night via email!
    RSVP to Mingle8@cox.net.

    Inviting all Dead or Living Rockstars, Wannabees, Social Butterflys, Stickpin Dolls, Mummies and Daddies, Working Stiffs, Victims of Success, Corporate Corpses, Networking Nightmares, Unqualified Walking Zombies, Overworked Stress-Outs, Nighttime Freddy Kruger’s, Daytime Insane Asylum Patients, Naughty Nurses, Dangerous Doctors, Animal Attorneys, Suicidal CPAs, and Sales Psychopaths, or anyone just looking to ‘BURN’ something up, down, or possible sideways!

    Come if you are just trying to ‘Urn’ A Living , Making a Wealsy Wage or Hitting the Vegas Jackpots, almost anyone can make a Mangled Difference should you choose to attend. Come Get in the ‘OVEN’ of the SURRENDER NIGHTLCLUB, and BURN FOR AWILE!!. Cremators and Mortuary workers are all welcome.

    “Mingle and Mayhem 9” “Chainsaw Massacre”
    Hosted by Joel Jarvis. We will celebrate with all the working stiffs and social psychopaths in a relaxed fun social environment with as many pleasant Angels and Model Dolls as your ‘little cold heart’ can take. Yes, I am talking about the Ladies! We are planning on having over 1,000 ladies dressed up for the evening, and we will have other local models and creations attending for the big costume contest.

    Expecting many Tricks and Treats to say the very least! Over $10,000 in prizes!

    Lets just hope it is NOT “The Last Suit You will Ever Wear” and you are not scared out of it by the Lurking Monsters, Mayhem, and general INSANITY!!! Bring your cloak, it might be a ‘Chilling Good Time’!! at the pool at Surrender. We will be open Rain or Shine,‘Groaning Thunder’ with many ‘Lightning Strikes All Around” or until “Smoke Rolls Off the Rafters!! Whichever comes first.

    COME AS YOU ARE, That’s scary enough!!

    Have fun! ($10,000 in PRIZES for best costume)
    Elit by Stoli sponsored Open Bar compliments of Joel Jarvis from 10-11pm!
    Expecting over 2,000 to attend! Free Entry with RSVP to Mingle8@cox.net

    The night will include many Special VIPs, Celebrities, Guests, and a

    Stay tuned for more information on this ghoulishly good time!!!!!
    Access Instructions to follow with RSVP. Mingle8@cox.net