Cover Story: Dr. Marjorie Belsky

Her educational background includes a Bachelor of Science degree from Emory University, Atlanta, a master’s degree interdisciplinary in biological and physical sciences from Touro College School of Health Sciences, New York, and a medical degree from the Technion–Israel Institute of Technology, Rappaport Faculty of Medicine in Haifa, Israel.

Dr. Belsky’s postgraduate training included her preliminary medical residency at the Jersey Shore Medical Center in New Jersey followed by an anesthesiology residency at the University of California, Irvine, Medical Center in Orange, California. She then continued with her fellowship in interventional pain management at the University of California, San Francisco Medical Center. She became board-certified in both anesthesiology and interventional pain management.

Moving to Las Vegas in 2005, she opened Integrated Pain Specialists. Married with three young sons, her husband, Dr. Mario Tarquino, specializes in anesthesiology and pain management as well. He is board-certified by the American Board of Anesthesiology and has been in the medical field for over 16 years, as well as part of the pain practice.

“I became educated in the management of practice with the experience I acquired while living in Los Angeles working in private practice. I knew when I opened Integrated Pain Specialists that I had the experience and knowledge to provide the highest quality pain management services to those who need help in Southern Nevada,” Dr. Belsky said. There are eight staff members including her husband and herself.

Cover Story: Dr. Marjorie Belsky

Dr. Belsky treats a wide range of patients including young, middle-aged, and older individuals. While the most complaints are back and neck pain, Integrated Pain Specialists treat a variety of symptoms. When patients come to her, they have usually tried some medications and other treatments, either independently or under the supervision of another doctor. The main focus of the practice is in interventional pain, which encompasses different types of injections to help with presenting complaints. Additionally, Dr. Belsky and her staff may refer a patient to other specialists to optimize their care and provide the least invasive but most effective treatment possible.

She is very focused on her practice and patients and ensures that each patient receives compassionate care. Treatments are performed at a certified and licensed surgical center with the most advanced technology available to relieve patients’ pain. Dr. Belsky’s goal is to relieve 50 to 75 percent of a patient’s pain at a minimum, improving overall function and helping the patient return to as many normal activities as possible.

Setting a good example for her patients, she is very physically active. “I run, I bike and I swim on the Las Vegas Masters swim team. I am fortunate to compete with the team several times a year,” she said. In two of the short course meters competitions with the swim team, her relay finished in the top 10 nationally for their age group. “Swimming sets a good example for my patients. It is an excellent way to relax the body, promote healing and relieve pain.”

She is also an artist who received an art scholarship while obtaining her undergraduate degree. Dr. Belsky shows and sells paintings in Las Vegas and last year showcased her art at the City of the World Gallery. Dr. Belsky will hold another show in September at the gallery. She also had two pieces on display at the Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Art as part of the Anne Frank exhibit.

“I am diverse and trained in all mediums, but I concentrate in watercolor. I used to paint in oils, but when my children got older, I switched to watercolors because it is safer around children and is a beautiful and often overlooked medium,” she said.

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