Devoted couple helping residents of Southern Nevada

Nobody ever really plans for a major medical issue. Yes, health insurance is carried, and there are doctor’s visits for prevention. But when someone needs a brace, an artificial limb or a mastectomy fitting, Precision Orthotics and Prosthetics is ready to help clients regain mobility and a sense of well-being.

Sara and Jimmy Colson, owners of Precision Orthotics and Prosthetics, are “lifelong partners, both in business and in life,” Sara stated. Their story begins with a desire to help people, grow the business and live the American Dream.

When Jimmy moved to Las Vegas in 1988, he knew he had found his home. He began working at a family-owned business, Nevada Limb & Brace. Becoming an American Board Certified Orthotist, Jimmy decided to open his own business in 2004 and worked hard to succeed as CEO and Certified Orthotist. To earn extra income to invest in his business, he became a nightclub promoter in the evening. Sara was a model who met Jimmy at an event in 2006, and the two just clicked. “He needed help with administration duties and he said he could train me,” she said. He taught her about all the duties in running the front office of a medical service provider.

When Sara’s aunt (and godmother) was diagnosed with breast cancer, she knew she wanted to do more, not only for her family member but as a career. “This really hit me hard. It can be devastating, and I wanted to do something.” After doing research, Sara would study with American Breast Care, complete 1,500 clinical hours and pass an exam to become an American Board Certified Mastectomy Fitter. American Breast Care also provides the fitted bras, breast forms and other products for mastectomy patients. She is trained on making custom breast forms that match the patient’s skin tone, freckles, moles and even veins. The forms are so lightweight, the patient doesn’t feel like she is wearing anything, and best of all, patients can swim with these breast forms.

As an American Board Certified Orthotist, Jimmy is also certified in cranial remolding helmets, scoliosis bracing and all custom orthoses. Kevin Bidwell, the lead prosthetist and orthotist, is also an amputee, losing his leg in a motorcycle accident. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in kinesiology from the University of Colorado-Boulder, trained in a prosthetic technician internship position at Shriners Hospital, Twin Cities and completed his practitioner degree in prosthetics from Century College, White Bear Lake, Minnesota. Bidwell also trained in specialized socket technology under the tutelage of Kevin Caroll, one of the most renowned prosthetists in the world.

Precision Orthotics and Prosthetics works closely with physicians to help clients with their needs. Orthotics includes bracing and compression. Prosthetics can help amputees from fingers to limbs. Other services include helping diabetic patients with specific feet and limb issues as well.

Along with a desire to help their community, Sara and Jimmy are proud parents of a young daughter and Jimmy has a son from a previous marriage. Their goal for their company is to give the best personal patient experience to fit every need and desire.

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